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Question #90840 posted on 01/16/2018 3:50 p.m.

Dear Bored writers,

The word on the quad is that the Fletcher building is being torn down once it’s guts are all transferred into the new engineering building and the annex. I didn’t think I would miss it, but after spending more waking hours there than I do in my apartment, I’ve started to grow fond of the special things it offers. Like how even though the building is tiny, I never fail to turn down the wrong hallway, or how you can just walk across a room to experience a drastic change in temperature.

Do any of you guys think you’ll miss the Fletcher building when it’s no longer with us? Do you have any fond memories of the building?

Or are you guys like the large chunk of The BYU population who don’t even know what the Fletcher is, let alone have walked though its hallowed halls?



Dear Off Your Racher,

I have a few fond memories of the Fletcher Building. I have spent and do spend quite a bit of time there. Most of my memories aren't particularly memorable, but one time I walked in to the building and there was a strange smell. We started opening the windows but the smell still persisted. We went to investigate and a few students were burning jet fuel as part of experiment. They had those little masks so they didn't breathe any fumes, but everyone else in the building was getting dizzy from the jet fumes. We got everything ventilated and afterwords I had to walk around outside for 15 minutes before I stopped feeling light headed. Good times.

As much fun as I've had in the Fletcher building, I don't really like it as a building. Maybe I'm just not sentimental, but I'll be fine with them knocking it down because I know that the new engineering building will be way cooler. Even though it will be reduced to rubble it will live on in spirit.




Dear Rocking Man Enough,

I actually do have memories of the Fletcher Building! See, back when I was on the Mars Rover Team, we started out working in one of the sheds that used to be behind the Clyde Building. However, construction for the new engineering building started once the schoolyear ended, and since our competition wasn't until June, we needed a place to work, as our previous base of operations had just been torn down. So, we moved into one of the Fletcher garages, one we shared with the BYU Baja Buggy and Supermileage teams. I think we even might have moved the old, grody couch that used to be in the Mars loft into that very garage.

We didn't spend a ton of time there, but it was enough that I look back on it fondly. In general, I've always liked the Fletcher Building. I like the little courtyards that it has in between its branches (especially the one on the west side with all the bike racks), and I also like looking up at the windows as I'm walking by and seeing all the crazy experiments and projects going on. I didn't know it was due to be demolished, and that makes me sad.

-Frère Rubik

posted on 01/17/2018 7:46 p.m.
I absolutely love the musky smell of the Fletcher Building. If it was made into a perfume, I’d buy it instantly. The smell is so cozy and comforting. There are a few corners of the Clyde where you can experience almost the same smell, but it’s not as abundant as in the Fletcher. I’m going to miss it.