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Question #90841 posted on 01/17/2018 12:50 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Have you ever ignored your doctors advice? How'd that work out?

-considering it


Dear don't do it,

After getting lost in downtown/west Provo and walking 5 miles in the freezing snow and cold to get home, I found my knee aching whenever I had to walk for longer than 5 minutes. A quick visit to the doctor revealed I had knee bursitis, so she gave me medicine and a paper full of exercises meant to strengthen my knee. She told me to take the medicine and do the exercises every day for 3 months.

I lasted two weeks.

I tried to justify the results of my lazy and horrible decision. "My knee hurts after I run for half an hour? Perfect, I'll never overextend myself!" "I can't do marathons because my knee will give out? I finally have a legitimate excuse to give my friends!" "My knee aches whenever it's cold outside? Awesome, I've always wanted my own barometer!"

But then I went skiing for the first time in years this Christmas and could only last half an hour before my knee started hurting so badly I couldn't bear skiing any longer. So I sat on the sidelines while minnow, my dad, and my sister went on slope after slope, laughing and having oh so much fun without me.

Always listen to your doctor, kids.

-guppy of doom