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Question #90857 posted on 01/21/2018 9:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So with all of the alleged comments made by POTUS about desirable and undesirable countries for immigration, I have to ask....how many people from Norway actually emigrate out of Norway each year (or 5 year period, or decade, or whatever is available)? I'm curious, because the number that move to places like Canada each year is easily available and quite low, suggesting that there isn't much reason to leave a country whose prisons make most lower class American apartments look like oubliettes. Maybe Canada just isn't the place to move, though?

-Recent Emigrant


Dear Emigrants They Get The Job Done,

I searched and I wasn't able to find any statistics on the amount of people that left Norway. I was able to find some official statistics on net immigration however. In 2014 38,200 more people immigrated to Norway than emigrated out of it. I couldn't find any official numbers on how many people actually left but my best guess is probably around 10,000 or less, which would be about .2% of the population. If anyone has better stats please let us know, but it seems like Norway is a really nice country so they probably don't have a lot of people leave.