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Question #90875 posted on 01/22/2018 3:38 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Do any of you struggle with mourning the loss of a prophet and accepting a new prophet or first presidency. I was a kid when President Benson died (senior primary age). I had a hard time accepting President Hunter because I was sad about President Benson. Well 9 months later just as I was able to be okay with President Hunter he died. As a kid I felt totally guilty that I didn't really love President Hunter like I did Benson. I transitioned easily into President Hinckley and Monson, and even after President Monson's death I was not worried about it being President Nelson. President Monson health has been so bad I was mentally prepared for it. But then Elder Uchtdorf was not called again to the first presidency and I feel those same feelings coming up again many years later. I am really happy that President Eyring was called again, but will really miss the visibility and frequency of talks from Uchtdorf. So my question is how do you mourn the loss of one, while sustaining another?

-change is hard


Dear Yeah It Is,

I know what you mean. Sometimes we get so attached to certain apostles, be it for their charisma or their talks or because something they said helped us through a dark time or whatever else, that it's hard to see someone else take their place. And I'll definitely miss seeing Elder Uchtdorf as frequently, because his talks have always been my favorites at General Conference, and I can pinpoint several that have changed my life. But I think that at least for me, the most helpful thing is just trying to love the new people. Read their old talks, learn about their lives, listen to any Mormon Messages they're in, etc. I can say that I love Elder Uchtdorf because I've always payed attention to what he says and have seen blessings in my own life from trying to follow his advice, so if I want to love President Oaks that same way, I'd better do those same things. I know a lot of people have felt uncomfortable with how political some of President Oaks' talks have been, so if that applies to you, don't read those talks. Read all the other ones, because I'm betting that at some point in his time as an apostle he's said something that will be personally meaningful for you. Don't miss out on that.

I also think it can be helpful with changes in the First Presidency to think about the benefits of having a former First Presidency member back in the Quorum of the Twelve. On a personal level, I can be happy that Elder Uchtdorf will probably have at least a little more time to spend with his family, and I'm also excited to see what assignments he gets in the Quorum of the Twelve that he couldn't have had while serving in the First Presidency.



Dear change is hard,

I don't have the exact same feelings but I can relate. Many of the apostles scare me when they talk and Elder Uchtdorf is one of the ones that doesn't. 

Sustaining someone doesn't mean feeling tremendous amounts of affection for them. You don't have to feel bad for being sad about the fact that Elder Uchtdorf will give less talks. Also, it's okay to sustain out of duty more than love.