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Question #90906 posted on 02/01/2018 2:45 p.m.

Dear guppy,

I, too, love Broadchurch, and I am rather morose about how infrequently I meet people who feel the same. But now I've found you! Would you mind geeking out about it a little so that I don't feel so alone?

-crime show snob


Dear you,

I must unfortunately admit that I've only seen the first season. I'm more the Psych kind of person, who intentionally avoids deep and emotional movies and TV shows because there's enough feels in real life and I don't need more reasons to feel bad. I started watching Broadchurch because it was a detective show and had David Tennant (who is arguably the best Doctor). In many ways it was like my start with Stranger Things—someone told me it was about aliens and it was incredibly entertaining and funny. You can imagine my roommate's and my faces after the first episode. 

But like Stranger Things, Broadchurch was simply amazing. So good that I watched the entire first season in a week.

I was trying to figure out how to properly geek out about Broadchurch without spoiling the show for anyone else, and I know how—hover text!! So if you don't want the show spoiled (well, the first season), don't put your mouse over the next paragraph.

The characters were so complex. The slow reveals and misdirections and yet how it all made sense. The innocent victims. The subtle irony. That one guy. The pain.

One of my favorite things was the music though. There's a reason I love Beth's Theme—it is gorgeous, it captures Beth's emotions perfectly, and basically sums up how you feel while watching the show.

I haven't gotten the courage to watch the second season yet—well, I watched the first ten minutes and saw how depressed people were and I just shut my laptop and resolved to watch it another day. But I'm so glad to know someone else out there loves Broadchurch! And if you ever want to geek out about it together, email me at guppyofdoom@theboard.byu.edu!

-guppy of doom