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Question #90963 posted on 02/19/2018 10:18 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

At what point in a relationship/friendship/getting-to-know-you-stage would you use the heart eyes emoji with some of the opposite sex?

apparently most people would use it much sooner than I would...


Dear you,

It's going to be different for every person, of course. Personally, I'm not an emoji fan, so using one at all would imply a degree of emotional familiarity that can't be communicated by words. So if I were to use it at all, it wouldn't be until after I had already communicated my love to the person.




Dear Sooner,

I just wouldn't use the heart-eyes emoji at all because I barely ever use emoji. I prefer emoticons because they are less defined and therefore leave more to the imagination.

-Frère Old-Timer


Dear Apparently,

Um, like once you're married. Before that I don't think I ever sent heart-eye emojis to anyone (but then, I'm not a big emoji user).



Dear you,

Apparently I'm an outlier here, because I don't have any qualms with using such emojis in casual texting conversations, including conversations with the opposite gender. Not that I've actually used that emoji in such a situation, but I can easily see myself using it if it just seems to fit with the current conversation--though most likely I'd be using it ironically.