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Dear 100 Hour Board,

Can you all write answers/tell stories while impersonating another writer? This would make my week.



Dear Anne,

Did I ever tell you about the time I was in Sri Lanka? No? Well, it's not a story that a Jedi would tell you.

Anyways,  I was backpacking in Sri Lanka this summer and it was really cool. For those of you who don't know, Sri Lanka is a small island off the coast of India, which is most famous for having the funnest name to say in the entire world. Say it. Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka also has a lot of jungles and ruins and stuff that's cool too I guess. Sri Lanka. 

Also, their flag is literally a lion with a sword

sri lanka flag.png(source)

Really though, my favorite part about Sri Lanka was the tropical fruit. They have so many wonderful, obscure, strange tropical fruits that you can forage. Well, I was walking through a market one day when I saw a mysterious old man selling a fruit that I had never seen before. He was selling purple starfruit. They look like this, except purple:

star fruit_1.jpg


"Excuse me," I asked. "What fruit is that?"

"It is the purple star fruit," he said.

"Really? I'm pretty sure that's not actually a thing. I've never heard of it before."

"You haven't heard of it, because it is only found through a secret passage in the rock fortress of Srigaya," the old man replied. "Would you like to know the way?"

"Of course!" I responded. 

And so we began our trek to the ancient rock fortress of Srigaya




We trekked through jungles and then climbed through a long subterranean passage. We finally reached the end of the tunnel and came out into a grove of trees. 

"Wait, I don't see any fruit in these trees? What's going on?" I asked.

I turned around and the old man was gone. Then, suddenly, thousands and thousand of terrible pigeons came out from their hiding places in the trees.

"There is no escape Ardilla. You have fallen into our trap. You will pay for your crimes against us," The Evil Pigeon Overlord sneered.

"Leave me me alone you fowl creatures! You'll never take me alive!"

"I guess we will have to take you dead then!" 

Frantically I looked around. The tunnel entrance had also disappeared. It seemed that all help was lost and that I was about to face my demise, when suddenly, I heard a noise from deep within the forest.  Out of the trees emerged none other than the BYU Folk Dance Ensemble.

"What are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"We're on tour. Are you about to be attacked by killer pigeons?"

"Yes. Would you mind helping?"

The flock of pigeons descended, but they were no match for the BYU Folk Dance Ensemble. The pesky pigeons were quickly dispatched by a combination of clogging, kung-fu, and Viennese waltz. We managed to escape through another secret subterranean passageway and all was well.

Unfortunately, this tipped the pigeons off to my location and I had to flee Sri Lanka before I could finish tasting all of its lovely tropical fruit. Tragic.

Definitely Ardilla Feroz


Dear friend,

Well, you didn't really ask for this, but I decided to do a predictive text answer based on the answers from each individual writer. Enjoy! (I've included some of our recently departed writers as well.)


Dear politicians,

The Cossack of the church can help serve a lot throughout the course of history. Virtually every country in the world crumbled into pieces of polygamy. Certainly, American opposition to the persecution of various protestant sects were killed by the government. The Korean majority of northerners were looking for a candidate who would be more uncomfortable with a god who allows for some trial and error. Despite his imperfections on the spot of the church he presided over recreational activities of the church. However, eventually I realized that I could figure out what the common factors were if you don't think of the church today. They didn't change the testimony of them.  I toootally feel you and they demonstrated suspicious sweatpants.



Dear Nancy of the unwritten horcruxes,

It definitely wouldn't revert back to different numbers represented lovingly by the reader. However esoteric people may be, I can just use my ~30 lb backpack as a bludgeon. So, while I thank you for the interesting read, I was extremely weak stomach and have actually fainted. Will you have 1.265x10 pictures of badly drawn squares? I don't even care. The point is, you can major in business, but I promise I am working on it. I especially like depressed shrubs creeping on the ground but never went through the veil of a dust mote. Negligible disclaimer here, the survivors will be highly incentivized to stop right now. Please don't significantly forward google results turned up 8 rows in the terrestrial room was seated with more people than the second row in the terrestrial room. never specify.



Dear you,

So, here's two more seconds of catchy game music and then the mountains on the west of the valley. The tunnel worms found the nearly tough fight between semesters and drums. You certainly would ensue you have it is very dark inside the earth and come out on the other side. The document singer clop range music with the opera woman is coming back. She's superhuman. I merely hope that father shall be so excited to learn that his theory is correct. It's never certain that you enjoy enough songs. Never enough. Yog begins making judgement calls, and we must hurry. We have dug as fast as we can but it's not something you'd specifically see. If Edward could somehow bring this fight to the water, then the mountains would probably have been graciously translated.

~Anne, Certainly


Dear bakerer's apprentice,

The aforementioned putrid enlightening Quora article does mention hot liquid sugars as an edible liquid. Anathema pointed out liquid nitrogen as a possibility but noted a google search showed there was controversy about safety risks. There's not enough food for this discussion 'cause their concentration as an ingredient never would work. Occasionally borrowing evasive moves from the quickstep when the disturbance occurred to the Marriott floor. He nodded appreciatively, but frankly I don't know how anyone could really substantiate that claim. Honey from bees and the body metabolizes the stuff I like best. He rumba his job. He topped his pilfered prize. successful recovery! It's fortunate the police showed up when they did so long beyond the 100 hours. thrilled to have our dragons back.


--Ardilla Feroz


Benedict of the friendship status,

I think maybe not worth it because who cares really? Babalugats hates change and always chooses the passive confidence. Babalugats would be Babalugates or something, I don't already read it. Whether plants experience things is important, and vulnerability can be explored in collaboration with the opposite party. The active participant reported feelings of relief come to understand the connection you should approach the conversation with respect. respect is the bit soft of the eggs. You can be that kind of wisdom every year, and disease production without snowfall? Not quite embarrassing enough. Lightning should be fine to understand the connection between moisture and wildfire. Please maybe date your life depends on what scholarship you get. you can be traced. Never mentally worth it.



Dear individuals,

Have any questions regarding any parts of this conveniently livable planet been assured? I mean, you stand to lose if you leave in peace on earth. The rarity produced throughout the week would help your body to metabolize the cake better than if you ignored prior cry. Monopoly on truth will resonate with our brains to be able to do anything good. If that's not a very expressive individual, then hopefully wrap it all up, because instead the spirit moves I have literally zero desire to do this. Always assume that if I bring something like the Aquabats, then hopefully I would rate each water bottle filler on any of 11 floors to fill my water bottle. Sometimes it just makes me more able to focus. But that's just a few moments of my existence.


~Dr. Occam


Dear fragrant James,

Now, slide dollars, and I am inferring to be really fancy metals. This is further reinforcement that many of the events that people tend to think apply to our day are actually talking about laundry. This miserable mood is a tranquil spring afternoon dance. One whiff of this complex fragrance and you can see the blues. see lectures, see feelings. They didn't really understand any of the different sweats encountered freshman year, such as: the scent that says, " well worth it ", the thermal conductivity of any pure metal, and instantly you'll be transported back to your days of ice blocking. They didn't really follow that order at all of the roman currency, which is kind of what I figured might happen. You didn't ever bottle up the epic and then lift up the side. I was going to take over our government, but the oldest version of the Hebrew torah should put in one last disclaimer. I was actually a vacuum.

-Frere Rubik


Dear clone,

Board question # 34094 squirrel pending technically came in the conservatory. It's probably significantly magic not entirely sure of the board's entropy. 12 board words ordered by the webmasters made major progress toward updating the future. lies sponsors domain number blownapart 20th board anniversary. Board 6.0 will significantly end the audience of the repeated meme board. I personally do have a point, the webmasters made major board questions.  When this question whisperer Sam was fine print, he got stuff to work. Some more progress toward updating the board is incredibly subjective and Sauron is going to die. 

--django fett


Dear yosef,

The social stigma of my major and psyche after all of the world literally had stopped says here's a little hat. But instead we just started using symbolism like the pro floor tradition orthodoxy. 06 things can happen without using words to do a survey for religious message collections. I was tired around 1891 minutes so long test seeds who can magnify thought attitudes. Acceptable thing grief check will cause something within you and bring you rage siblings to be more wonderful. The board generally just wanted to drop something like " mom is now that capture ". It's not attractive that I can keep going back to tithing in the sense that there are some beds in a fixed mindset. I was tired, and I didn't want to risk letting tarot cards be able to maintain their strange form. Not that I was going to stop worrying about what happened when I was still learning more about this practice. 

Take care,

-Auto Surf


Dear nameless of doom,

I officially decided to do it 4 weeks ago, and the means by which he came to them a few months ago is wrong. It's highly unlikely he would say " that was a girl from the tropics ", but more seriously contemplating getting a PhD in eternity hereafter. My roommate didn't take that test, or amorous relationships seriously. Do we not practice polygamy today? No, and about doing baptisms. If you explain what you can improve to be barber words, no choice in high school helped me. Thighs smaller than one man implies that a woman is the glory of the Pythagorean theorem. And you might even feel more comfortable telling them what you can improve in yourself or do to serve your laptop. students should avoid dating website to use it on walks and the temple grounds. That is entirely certain.

-guppy of doom


Dear fossilized typewriter,

I really do, you want high swear words? What recording label created the music you have to start worrying about this. The doctor descended deeper into a human clone of the doctor that got stuck in that alternate dimension with rose Tyler. For more information about the headphones you're looking at, there's a lot of good said thing people at the internet. So, if you ever compromise those standards, there's a little different perspectives besides elder Uchtdorf. There's some isolation between the first dimension and the pearl quorum. If somewhat boring with plenty of haiku blessings seems excellent spatially? Just mentally mentally mentally mentally chaotic. Don't be afraid of the twelve after being taught out there are over the muscles in his tongue. The majority of measurements of different perspectives are sealed headphones.



Dear charlotte in the car,

I have a very grumpy and cynical person, she's that retired writers. July is probably perpetually hungry about marriage. Have legitimate panic attacks been good at taking tests and all that popular stuff? Not going to call this good blank wall space. They find it difficult because of prejudice against Ontario culture of various ecosystems on an African safari. Writers are blissfully featured at the university of the Caribbean, and the captain of Disney’s opinion was uprooted recently but Maria is plagued by doubt and achievements. Epcot probably has the newest attractions like spaceship Dumbo, 1942, and the gran fiesta tour. Some of those four categories are very vocal about arsenic and old hardships, so I lowered their minimum to include a variety of different pavilions. The infamous Katya retires like it hot and moulin rouge questions like it's consistently incredible.




Dear seeker of salt,

My mission call was blackmailed as part of the never-ending war on the forehead of the best eggs. I think that eventually only franchise justice league will guide you to get paid by yourself, as if you should do it for marriage. You don't have a crazy new trump, you have a barely interesting proposition point. Adding in different goals, the entry tunnel of the torture ticket remains constant through his tweets. I certainly hope that we often forget about three years of our lives, which leads to things like the " fake news awards ". Because of this strategy Olympics, we can plan and emotionally theater the best pieces of your taxes if you have faith. If you have faith, not infallibility to consume within your major stories, but really just let it happen. Don't thank cats, but then proceed to get married by elder Holland.



Dear attractive caves,

The enormous limitations of our own demons have been described by napoleon constantly. He has a body weight range without range, and Jamie lee Curtis would pine for Provo constantly, and try not to worry too much about the future. Have a clear vision about 17.31g of molten nature, and Wikipedia will assume that you are talking about readily obtained heavy crystal. It makes things work, try to enjoy life experience applications and the beast of the intj farm gives us mercury. Thank a member of the south America and the descriptions of each moment before attacking the population of people. Just because vampires are so beautiful doesn't tell me you're joking every two days. However, they experience a profound existential crisis when committed to their values and to people who are originally from china. This is likely due to the human ankle.



Dear friend,

I totally get where you fit in the lord’s permit. The eclipse began particularly eloquent considering some of the things I didn't simply know.  I'm pretty sneaky and they're not necessarily more attractive than I.  It's because of William Flake. Also, it takes place in France which is pretty restrictive for me to understand.  Why is this important you may ask, it's so many crazy medical estimates for English speakers in China?  But, Sherpa Dave is not currently accepting any applications for commercial diamond groups, so estimating around the building we would hand out medicine and eyeglasses.  Keep it real people. When his work is done, his administration functions provide care to more people who speak mandarin Chinese. henlo religion, because honestly trying to understand where they collect carbon dioxide is not something that specifically trigger cravings.  It's certainly not the same values that are constantly important to understand. I often feel unpopular and different than someone who can communicate in English.  Literally this question reminds me of untalented people who are very different. Counselor 33 is located in Ghana.  Would whiplash for a paradoxically healthy person be kleptomaniacs? I don't think so.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave


Dear rey of the hill,

I don't know what timeline you expect going forward, but you hit a sensitive spot for some science this day. This helps me feel comfortable with my arms down, and I assume there are multiple artists creating the primary presidency. Did little guy in the world of the transcript text or email back? absolutely none of them sounded particularly jazzy, just like doctrine and covenants 121 says. I would just let him back in the newest movies only, you are at war with my arms. My dizziness went up again, and kingdom hearts 2.8 the music used during the broadcast are incomplete and cannot be updated. The story line of the rotation instead of being at the center of my axis is a good opportunity to do so because now the alumni will be having problems then the parent and member of the primary presidency specifically told us to let them know of any children that were referring to Dallas down a hill.



Dear perturbed Alibaba,

I believe this is a very common swamp for the job. We hugged her dad to admit that it is important to read, but I have told her that I think it is more comfortable that way. If it really bugs you, then do my shoes. Gordon b. Colony on mars is a very common feeling for all of us to prayerfully consider. Case the couch and then you are free game again. Needless to be a brag party, but I have told bighands and bigfingers respectively that you are your own grandmother. You just swallow it down and smile. The lizard people found out that our quarterbacks struggled untied shoelaces and I recognized that this confusion by Budweiser is a very common explanation for all of us to make the hottest chili on the planet. Have a new slogan like " band of brothers " and rise and roar. It'll be a good relationship in the long term.

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear rhubarb for carbs,

I had hoped to delay my hypothesis by measuring the absorbance spectra of those feelings about lego.com. If you are present somewhere in Provo, then taxation is theft. My dad gave up trying to manage each beverage individually and combined unique minutes because they were awkward. It's normal enough to deal blood cream at least until alumni week or even if you're more practical, until they have been broken. I can only hope that it primarily shines more of a straight interview. If you're on dates, they say they recommend marriage, but I got scholarships when I was going to do some real thing. So, what's the government actually sensitive for? Forcing people to do things and anything not crazy like butter. When I’m not true at each one isn't significantly nutritionally different from river dance theaters.

-The Entomophagist


Dear fellow nerf slave,

I also agree with choosing whether or not to return your motivations. The consensus was that it is normal to enjoy your style for the better friends until my cousin realized you mean you are enough. You can always improve a lot of barbecue with some board writers and this is for good reasons. You choose to make it worth your time by the church does not officially enforce a couple of levels and I feel that god is prompting you to go back to a creepy little man. It's properly summed up by a lot of ways and I feel you need to do it with straw as a ruse to kidnap maximum employment. Cheers do not have access to work worldwide. However, because she liked him a lot she should have encouraged church members to join with her to eat something. So, don't be a full failure associated with choosing tithing intervention. Just teach painful perspectives.

The Lone Musketeer


Dear wonderer,

I just don't think of anything to start to become the person god intended us to become. The thing about kissing family friends is that no matter how much you want to avoid them afterwards, you need to know everything frantically. You might avoid embarrassment by trying to do things by yourself but there are subtle differences between zombies or raptors. Combining all the strengths of both zombies and raptors are significantly harder to avoid than anyone. Byu football is awesome too, and I have asked 88 questions despite having kissed miss leinster. You don't have a lot championship clockwise minor dating equivalent. There are 10 things you need to know about everything to be good enough to repel them once you wish a long way. I happen to have tried the specific dance of learning for Disney princess. There you have it, but you don't need homework to make battle against the land of Clyde.




Dear certain monster podcast,

I mean, this corner of the Americas hasn't morally offered members anything. But alas, my thoughts about the Magyars in comparison to the nineteenth spectrum of emotion are pretty gruesome. understanding lgbt policies that can help your question but then frère made me remember that being around campus is not right. Nobody's good at byu. Even taking the initiative and emotional charge together, I think it depends on the circumstances and menu online to read its message of the church. That being said to be yourself about what kind of stress you have got yourself a meal. You want to see if audiobooks hold your partner's weaknesses and attack and just want them to be happy products. Also, you sound southern, and I think that if you want a little bit about Confucianism, I technically am a difficult enough person who doesn't just have a lot of answers.

-Van Goff


Dear you,

I don't really like this statistic of the philosophies of colonialism, the main goal was typically to extract the tea into the swkt and then forget about it. This map shows every part of the wilk in Greek symphonies. I am fluent in the private information of Provo, but it does mention that when you don't really address your late gas you have caused a hard impact. It's better to be single than to be a curator for a national museum. Honestly, and disseminated that throughout the world and it's just so perpetuating. We can tell the same story of the fathers of the fathers, but it does corroborate the editors would say about half of my mission companions are dealbreakers. They chopped the lids off the harbor and it's just never within someone's control. It makes sense when you're dealing with a limited-edition version of the original place.



Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave (with significant help from Tipperary)


Dear Anne Boleyn,

You're probably thinking something along the lines of "Frère Rubik will probably just talk about adorable fictional animals that start with the letter P." And you would be right. It is now time for me to reveal that I am, in fact, Pikachu.


-Frère Rubik has been struggling to keep this a secret for a while now


Dear Crowley,

As an ACME major, I have the perfect skill set to address your question about how many Obscuri it would take for Grindelwald to destroy 50,000 horcruxes. The correct way to solve this problem is to apply to the Reimann-Einstein-Ramanujan Theorem which states that if you have an infinite number of linear algebraic regressive polynomials, the limit doesn't exist. Thus, counterintuitively, only 67-74 Obscuri would be necessary. This is, however, assuming that it is impossible to apparate across the Bering Strait, that souls are immaterial, and that Voldemort does not keep people alive so that he can kill their children. I'd like to play more with that last assumption, but it's not socially appropriate to do so.



Dear Anne,

I could, but is it really worth it?



Dear imitator,

There once was an Earl Legendary

For his prose 'twas whimsical and airy

But 'twas all just a trick

Twas not the Earl, but a slick

Imposter named Tipperary

 - The Earl of Limerick


Dear you,

I am very qualified overall but vastly unqualified to comment on this. Take all advice with plenty of salt, and note that all commentary is my own and could be fundamentally flawed. However, I am usually correct.

Should writers impersonate each other?

First, it is imperative to examine the underlying moral foundations of a class of choices (in this case, any given writer impersonating any other given writer). In moral terms, it's impossible to say whether it is appropriate to impersonate each other in any universal sense. It appears that the answer to whether writers ought to impersonate each other is contextual; that is, in some situations, it may be appropriate while in other situations, it may not. How we ought to go about deciding whether or not writers should impersonate each other is a question that would be answered in different ways depending on the ethical framework.

From a utilitarian perspective, writers should impersonate other writers when doing so would benefit more people than not impersonating other writers. However, this perspective is flawed in that it is impossible to know whether any given action will ultimately benefit more people compared to another. 

From a deontological perspective, impersonating other writers is a type of lie. If we assume that lies are bad, then writers should not ever impersonate other writers. However, this perspective is also flawed because it could be possible that indiscriminately obeying or accepting a moral principle could lead to making the world worse. For example, if, as Socrates believed it was always moral to obey the law of the polis, what would happen if the laws themselves were immoral? The question ultimately raised is what is the nature of the highest moral principle, which is perhaps objectively unknowable. 

From a hermeneutic moral realism ethical perspective, impersonating other writers should be done when the interpretation of a current context indicates that impersonation of other writers is good. This is not the same as moral relativism as moral relativism suggests that individuals decide what is moral. Hermeneutic moral realism, on the other hand, simply suggests that there is an absolute right and wrong, but that each situation or context has a different right or wrong. While there may be generalizable patterns of what is right or wrong across situations, there remains the possibility that some contexts may not be consistent with it.

Ultimately, it is impossible to have absolute certainty about anything. However, as impersonating writers will likely create feelings of amusement in readers, will not violate any major societal or religious rules or norms, and I don't feel bad or conflicted about it, I will proceed on the assumption that writers impersonating other writers is morally acceptable.

Can writers impersonate each other?

For the sake of clarity, I do want to distinguish between two relevant questions here:

First, there's the question of whether it's physically possible to impersonate another writer. To me, this is relatively simple. I agree with the sentiment of other writers above that, while writers are in essence themselves, it may be possible to impersonate other writers with some accuracy. In practical terms, it's literally impossible for someone else to take on the exact appearance of another, even if they want to do so (more about this below). However, if a non-exact impersonation counts as an impersonation, then I think it is clear that the answer is affirmative.

Just to make sure to address all possible nuances of this question, the answer changes only slightly when we consider whether it's possible for a writer to imitate the writing of another writer - it is physically possible for a writer to imitate the writing of another, though there is no guarantee it will be a good imitation.

Second, there's the question of whether writers are willing to fulfill requests to impersonate other writers. Thus far, it seems that some of them, though not all, are willing.  

"It would make my week."

Your emotional state is regulated by you. This is an ongoing process, and it's really good that you're putting in the effort to recognize that while this may not make your life, at least it will make your week. Sometimes it's difficult to gauge what realistic expectations are, and it seems that yours are optimistic without being unrealistic. 


~Anne, Certainly


Dear Anne,

I have stated my presidential platform elsewhere, but I'm happy to give you a brief synopsis here:

Due to reasons, institutions are awful but necessary. Moderate opinions. Benevolence.

Thank you for your support of my candidacy.

-President Haleabenedictakalācumberbatchamericaladgnasllk2

PS - Please allow me to take the time to personally explain the nuances of your health insurance plan. PLEASE let me comb through the text to find nuggets of pure fascination.


Dear Anne,



-guppy of doom 


Dear People,

I will kill you all.

-Lord Voldemort


Dear Anne,

Wow, Voldemort has so many horcruxes and is so cool. I wish I was as cool as Lord Voldemort but unfortunately I am a muggle and I am also self-conscious about my homicidal tendencies. Boo hoo.



Dear Not Anne,

I love Betsy DeVos. Also, give teachers all of the guns.

-Not Alta


Dear Oh Golly Gee,

I happen to be the unofficial world record holder of most salsa eaten in 24 hours (5.3 liters), most soapstone sculptures of a hog created in one hour (3), and most glass windows counted in any amount of time (at least 5).



Dear Anne,

I'm going to deport you to China.

-Donald Trump