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Question #90990 posted on 03/05/2018 9:51 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Why are the library security guards on campus standing by the security desks/sensors during the ten minute class break now?

-I feel like there is a good story in there


Dear Aziraphale,

I have a friend who works in the library, and here's what she said on the matter: There's supposed to always be someone by the security desks/sensors in case they go off; the HBLL has a lot of very valuable things in it, and BYU doesn't want to misplace any of its items. For instance, some of the DVDs are $400-$500. If someone is attempting to walk off with such a DVD, security guards are there to stop them. Additionally, they're supposed to ensure people don't come in with open cups and the like. 

According to my friend, it isn't a new thing for these security guards to be placed where you have noted.