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Question #90991 posted on 04/09/2018 7:18 a.m.

Hey favorite board writers (and also the other one),

This afternoon I made a discovery. I was in the Wilk and as I was wandering in the back hallways of the third floor. I was looking for a specific bench I had seen through a window from the outside that looked like it would be a nice place to sit in the sunlight while watching all the werfs passing beneath me.

Don’t worry, I found it.
I now have a new second favorite bench In a window on the third floor of a building to look down on werfs from.

On my quest I found something interesting that I was hoping you could give me more information on. I almost missed it because I was reading the 100 hour board on my phone. As I passed a door, I noticed a small label under the door number that said “Room of Requiement”. Unfortunately it was locked and I forgot to bring my lock picking tools with me to campus today. Even if I had I don’t know if it would have been much help against the obvious magical protections on this door.

Do any of you know what’s behind this door? Is it the Hogwart’s student transfer office? Or is it the secret entrance to the owlery? Is this where the non-muggles go to do their cool wizardy activities? If it’s a real room of requirement, then I guess it could be all of the above, but a part of me thinks that this might just the closet of a sad squib janitor.

If any of you can let me know what’s behind this door I’d be, well not eternally greatful, but grateful for a couple hours at least.



Dear Rachmacaroni and Cheese,

Sorry this took so long to answer. The elusive Room of Requirement was difficult to find, but find it I did.


Unfortunately the room is locked. I looked up the room number and apparently the room is supposed to be a "Conference Room".


I don't buy the whole conference room story because room 3249 is way too small to be a conference room. I'm pretty sure it's the actually the Room of Requirement guys! Which, as you may know, contains whatever you want it to contain. Which, if you happen to be a Hufflepuff, is probably just mouthwash.



posted on 04/09/2018 8:03 p.m.
The Room of Requirement is one of the storage rooms for Catering. It used to be the office of one of the staff. Now there's just rows of bowls and plates. The room next door is named too.