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Question #90993 posted on 02/27/2018 4 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

This is a question for as many of you as are willing to answer. No need to go do research, just looking for suggestions based on your own experience, if any. I am dreaming about future places to buy or build a vacation home (if and when I have the means) and am looking for location ideas. The general area I'm interested in is the Intermountain West. I'd be looking for scenic, foresty areas with mountains nearby, and reasonable proximity to decent medical services and shopping - nothing fancy, just like Walmart/Target level. A nearby major or at least regional airport would be a plus.

-Ranger Rick


Dear Ranger Rick,

My dad has dreams of retiring in the Grand Tetons. (Or, well, nearby. It'd be kinda hard to retire on a famous mountain.) However, a lot of people are building vacation homes there, which isn't good for the residents and farmers currently living there. So you might want to look at Jackson Hole too. Jackson Hole has a medical center, Albertsons, Smith's, and an airport, so it looks like the perfect place for you!

-guppy of doom, with help from Anathema and Tipperary


Dear Ricky,

Three cities I'd suggest are Colorado Springs Colorado, Missoula Montana, and Coeur D'Alene Idaho. Colorado Springs is in the Rockies and is the home base of the US Olympic training center. Missoula Montana is at the intersection of the Clark Fork, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot Rivers, and is close to some of Montana's many national parks. Couer D'Alene is in northern Idaho along the shore of a beautiful lake, and is a destination for golfers. I would love to in any of those cities. They're all big enough to have everything, yet also have amazing scenery and outdoors activities. If you're looking for more ideas I know Forbes makes lists like this all the time, you might want to look there. Hope this helps!