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Question #91003 posted on 03/05/2018 12:15 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Are there any studio apartments in Provo that are BYU approved housing?

not everyone wants to live with roommates


Dear you,

I couldn't find any from a cursory google and BYU Off-Campus Housing Portal search. If you want a studio apartment, it looks like it won't be BYU approved. However, my friend suggested buying a married housing contract. Yeah, it'll be pricey and might be a bit odd because you'll be living there by yourself, but you'll get the place to yourself! 

If any readers know of any BYU approved studio apartments in Provo, please add a correction!

-guppy of doom

posted on 03/06/2018 9:53 p.m.
Dear Intorvert,

The branbury lists one room apartments on their website and they are BYU approved.


-space cowboy
posted on 07/24/2018 2:06 p.m.
Dear fellow appreciator of living alone,

From the BYU Off Campus Housing handbook, section 9.3. "Other Spaces":
[quote]Hotels, motels, studio apartments, and sleeping rooms may not be contracted housing for single students.
A studio apartment is a living unit that does not provide a separate bedroom but combines the living and
sleeping area.[/quote]

So if you are looking for a "studio apartment" in the definition offered here, then there are not any BYU approved studio apartments.

However, as space cowboy found, there can be private one bedroom apartments, which probably satisfy your need. Just wanted to throw this out to be clear about the studio apartment thing.

-somebody who has too much fun reading technical documents