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Question #91031 posted on 03/13/2018 12:03 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How many rides are there in Disneyworld?

-Dying to Disney


Dear Dying,

This will be slightly subjective, depending on your definition of a ride, but I'll include disclaimers any time you might object to a particular inclusion.

Magic Kingdom: 25 (including the Liberty Belle Riverboat, the raft to Tom Sawyer's Island, and in conglomerate, Main Street vehicles)

Hollywood Studios: 4 (soon to be 6, come June 30th and the opening of Toy Story Land!)

Epcot: 8 

Animal Kingdom: (including the train to Conservation Station) 

I don't count buses as rides, but if you're liberal in your definition, you might want to include Friendship boat transportation and the Monorail, so I'm including those 2 as well.

Note: I didn't include Stitch's Great Escape, because last I heard it was open seasonally but also maybe closing down, but it's also hardly a ride anyway. Also I did this from memory, so I apologize if I forgot anything.

That brings the total number of rides at Walt Disney World to 48.