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Question #91074 posted on 03/22/2018 8:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I need to take an extra Independent Study class to boost my GPA. I have all my generals completed and my major doesn't have any IS classes, so it really doesn't matter what class I take, I just need something that I can get a good grade in.

For those of you who have taken any classes through Independent Study, what classes have you done well in? I'm not necessarily looking for the easiest A, more just something where an A is achievable without memorizing the entirety of a new subject or it all relying on a single difficult exam or something.

Thanks for your help.

-Struggling Student


Dear Struggling,

Play to your strengths. If there's an IS class offered in a subject dealing with your major, take it. Personally, if I had to take an IS class purely to boost my grade, I'd choose some super low level math class, cause I know I wouldn't have to put any thought into it. However, I recognize that other people might find the same class I would choose as a mindless A to be difficult and time consuming. Similarly, I could have great difficultly with the class they would choose. What you find easy or not depends to a large extent with what you're already familiar with and good at.



Dear Struggling,

I took a New Testament class through Independent Study once and did well. I don't think it was too bad but it was the only class I was taking. But just as a heads up, I've been privy to some research on online classes at BYU and they're finding people do statistically worse in those classes than face-to-face. Super preliminary studies, but they're attributing it to the fact that students tend to think online courses will be easier. In most cases, it's the exact same curriculum as face to face classes. As long as you don't fall into that mindset you should be fine. Take it seriously and good luck!


posted on 03/23/2018 6:46 p.m.
Dear struggling,

I just recently finished taking a BYU Independent Study course; Anthropology 312- Intercultural Communication. It was a really interesting class that I think would be valuable for anyone because it helps you understand how language and culture interact and how you can try to be more open and understanding to those from other cultures. It is so much more than that but it's hard to explain quickly.

I took the whole course in just under 2 weeks by working on it every day for a couple hours. There were two short books to read with quizzes plus you had to write and respond to a discussion board for each lesson. If you study the quizzes then the final is easy.

You can also look at taking something that will benefit your future life outside your career. Sometimes a class feels easier because it has a direct application to your life and so you are more motivated. Young adult literature (Engl 420) or childrens litertaure (eled 340) courses can help you teach your children to love reading. Stress management (exsc 410) is a valuable skill for everyone. Personal finance (fin 200) or financial planning (fin 418) will help you live within your means.

I encourage you to look through all the courses and choose something interesting or valuable over purely easy. It could look easy and turn out to be difficult but if you go for interesting you won't regret it.

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