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Question #91090 posted on 03/28/2018 8:54 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Does deep conditioning with coconut oil (including on your scalp) clog your follicles and prevent hair growth or lead to hair loss?


Dear nameless,

I've never used it, but it looks like it some people swear by it. Some studies have found that coconut oil reduces hair breakage and penetrates hair follicles better than most conditioners. It doesn't prevent hair growth or lead to hair loss, and may actually help you grow thicker, fuller hair (source). Coconut oil is absorbed quickly by your skin, and thus won't clog your follicles or pores (source). 

However, there are some stories about it leading to hair loss. It looks like it really depends what kind of hair you have: this article says that if you have coarse or dry hair (as opposed to fine to medium shiny hair), coconut oil conditioning may cause you to experience brittle hair or hair loss. It also mentions, however, that if you combine the coconut oil with olive or marula oil or honey you might be able to avoid those problems.

Some tips: make sure you use the right kind of coconut oil (here), see if there's any specific way you want to apply it (like this or this or this), and look at safe ways to use it (here).

If you've already bought coconut oil but are nervous about using it on your hair, try using it in any of these other ways

-guppy of doom