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Question #91100 posted on 03/31/2018 9:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I know you’re busy trying to get into the Room of Requirement, but I saw a picture in the library on one of the display monitors advertising laptop chargers as perk #126. What are the other 125+

Or if you can’t secure a list of those, what would you list as the top ten library perks?



Dear Rachmaninoff,

You came to the write place, because as a Board writer I'm definitely privy to that real information, and didn't just come up with a list off the top of my head. Here are the other 125 library perks:

  1. Great place for studying. 8/10 recommend
  2. (The other 2/10 get bad grades)
  3. Comfy chairs for napping
  4. Comfy couches for napping
  5. Snack zone
  6. Sometimes they give away free chocolate milk during our weird version of Oktoberfest
  7. Vending machines
  8. So many books!
  9. Including one that may be about making your own cocaine?
  10. JK I know it's not about drugs sorry if my joke offended you
  11. But also so many cute teeny books!
  12. Lots of tables
  13. Some of which have outlets!
  14. You can meet your soulmate in periodicals
  15. Or anywhere else in the library, I guess
  16. Family study area
  17. Moving bookcases because BYU is Hogwarts
  18. The special collections
  19. (Which, if you haven't checked out, you definitely should, because they have some cool stuff)
  20. Like, they have engraved clay tablets from the Roman Empire
  21. And original illuminated manuscripts written on vellum by monks
  22. Reservable study rooms
  23. (If only the girls next to me having a loud study session in a quiet section of the library realized this)
  24. (Hopefully they read the Board and will see this and know that in the future they should definitely just reserve a study room)
  25. (#PassiveAggressive)
  26. Lots of available computers
  27. The multimedia lab, for all your multimedia desires
  28. You can check out cool movies
  29. You can also use some of their rooms to watch said cool movies
  30. The music area (where I am currently writing this)
  31. A production studio for recording videos or taking photos
  32. (With lighting, backgrounds, and cameras!)
  33. You can check out laptops
  34. And also iPads
  35. And also cameras
  36. (Photo cameras AND video cameras)
  37. And even GoPros!
  38. It provides employment to a lot of BYU students
  39. And the employees are all so nice
  40. Convenient printers
  41. And color printers!
  42. Also there are organs
  43. (Musical ones, not human ones)
  44. (Except for the human ones inside the humans who frequent the library)
  45. It's probably definitely haunted!
  46. Lots of family history stuff
  47. The giant globe on the 2nd floor
  48. Also the skeletons on the 2nd floor
  49. No Shh zones
  50. There are a lot of bathrooms here, so I suppose that's pretty useful
  51. Fast waterbottle filling stations
  52. And also some very slow ones
  53. Interlibrary loan, which gets you access to basically any book in any library in the nation
  54. It gives you access to cool databases like ebsco and JSTOR
  55. Also you can get a RefWorks account through them
  56. There's a big cool auditorium for lectures and conferences
  57. It doesn't leak, so you can stay dry during rain or snow storms
  58. Also it has AC for hot summer months
  59. It has fridges in certain areas for certain employees
  60. Self check-out stations to expedite your checking-out process
  61. The American Heritage review room is located there
  62. Vending machines that have school supplies
  63. And also chapstick
  64. (Basically, library vending machines are like a little mini-store in their own right)
  65. Conference rooms for people who must convene in conferences
  66. The cool mural on the 4th floor
  67. It has stairs, which is helpful for people who need to get from one floor to another
  68. It also has elevators, which is helpful for people who can't take the stairs
  69. Periodicals has a cozy fireplace area surrounded by couches
  70. It has some classrooms
  71. (Which means fewer classes being held in the MARB, something we should all be grateful for)
  72. Some of the women's restrooms also include nursing mother areas
  73. A lot of it is underground, which is pretty cool
  74. (HA, literally, because underground is cooler than above-ground in terms of temperature)
  75. (Well, I guess underground is just more insulated, so it could be cooler or warmer than above-ground, depending on the outside temperature)
  76. There are a lot of doors, so you're more likely to be protected in case of a velociraptor attack
  77. (Because if we learned anything from Jurassic Park, it's that velociraptors can definitely open doors, but hopefully having lots of doors would at least slow them down)
  78. The big glass ceiling/walls at the north entrance allow you to see what the weather outside is like
  79. Once I heard a rumor that it's the most highly insured building the Church owns, because of all its rare books and collections
  80. Little study carrels that line the walls on pretty much every floor except the 3rd
  81. Those carrels even have little personal whiteboards!
  82. Book detectors by the entrances/exits, so you can't steal their books
  83. (Bad news for book thieves, good news for future generations of students)
  84. Lots of outlets to charge your computer
  85. And I guess also your phone
  86. Art on lots of the walls
  87. Lots of fire extinguishers, in case of fires
  88. One time I was at the library and they were giving away cake
  89. There are 3D printers students can use!
  90. They have virtual reality equipment
  91. (And it's really cool and all of you should try it)
  92. You can check out hollow books
  93. The 1st floor has an auditorium that always has different art displays up
  94. There are weird but cool statues on the 2nd floor near periodicals
  95. There's a 3D scale model of BYU campus in 2005 on the 1st floor
  96. All the floors have little display cases by the south-end staircases
  97. The north-end staircase going from the 3rd floor to the 4th has grooves in it from so many generations of BYU students walking on it
  98. (Which is actually very poetic)
  99. (At least according to poets who write about mundane things like staircases)
  100. The University Accessibility Lab
  101. The Research and Writing Center
  102. Lots of recycling bins
  103. They're starting to put up more paintings of women, and I'm all about that women's representation
  104. The basement doesn't have cell service
  105. (Which could be good if you're trying to focus but get distracted by your phone a lot)
  106. "The largest repository of materials related to the viola in the world"
  107. The cool secret-ish study space near the viola archive
  108. The Asian section is pretty cool
  109. Also they have some old antique tables around that area, too
  110. They have hole punchers for students to use
  111. And also staplers
  112. They have scanners
  113. And even a fax machine!
  114. They have longer hours during finals week
  115. It's where freshman mentors meet with their mentees
  116. You can browse music scores on their website
  117. They turn on music to kick people out at night, so at least it's a fun way of kicking people out
  118. Some of the tables have little plaques on the sides next to the outlets discouraging the theft of chargers
  119. Brightly colored accent walls next to the staircases
  120. You can do an audio tour of the library
  121. You can stream media through BYUgle
  122. An AV dubbing rack to change VHS to DVD
  123. A reserveable sound booth
  124. They have a photo archive of their whiteboard quotes
  125. They have a vast documentary collection

And that, of course, brings up to perk #126, laptop chargers.

There's definitely more perks of the library, but in the interest of doing something else with my life instead of thinking about the HBLL at all times, I'll let you discover those on your own.