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Question #91152 posted on 04/11/2018 11 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So, I'm going to be staying in Provo this summer, and I've already determined that I can stay off-campus as long as I'm signed up for Fall. Can I also sign up for a meal plan over the summer, even though I won't be attending classes? The discount on campus is nice.



Dear Eagle,

I searched the BYU Dining website and couldn't find anywhere that said you had to be enrolled during classes. I also couldn't find anything that explicitly said you had to be a student, so that could just be a product of having an old, poorly designed website. For the sake of getting this to you in a timely manner, I'll just let this post, and if any readers have inside information please drop a correction. My best guess is that as long as you are a student you can sign up for a meal plan even if you aren't enrolled in classes. If you want to contact BYU Dining directly here's the link. Hope this helps.