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Question #91162 posted on 04/15/2018 11:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How good do you think Infinity War is going to be? I've been re-watching the previous marvel movies, and I realize now that they just don't seem as good as when they first came out, is Infinity war really going to be as good as it's hyped to be?

-My Name Here


Dear My Name Here,

I think that seeing Infinity War the first time is going to be waaaay good. Seeing it the second, third, and 4th times in your house? Probably not going to be as good. A big part of action movies like The Avengers are the effects, the hype, the suspense, and the surprises. Repeat viewings aren't going to be as cool because you already know what's going to happen and the explosions won't be 50 ft tall.

As to whether or not it's going to be as good as it's hyped to be, I think that depends on what your personal hype and expectations. If you go expecting it to be the best movie ever and it isn't then it won't be as good as the hype. If you go because you're super excited to see all your favorite superheros destroy stuff then you'll probably really enjoy the movie. Personally, I'm super hyped for the movie and I think that it's going to be totally legit. Maybe it's not your cup of tea (cough cough Sheebs), but I think it's going to be awesome.




Dear MNH,

I don't really have any strong feelings about Marvel, whether positive or negative. I just came on here to add this:

infinity war.jpg(source)

-guppy of doom


Dear person,

It will be overrated like all the superhero movies.

-Negative Sheebs


Dear you,

I am far from an expert on Marvel, as there are a number of recent movies that I haven't seen, and that I should probably catch up on before seeing Infinity War. But I finally saw Black Panther last night, and it was much better than many recent superhero movies, and it gives me hope that Marvel is moving towards more compelling stories and less gratuitous smashing.