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Question #91167 posted on 04/17/2018 3 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is the story behind this bear in a motorcycle sidecar in Russia? If you can't find the answer, what do you imagine is the story behind the bear in the motorcycle sidecar in Russia?



Dear mosca-man,

A survey of Snopes.com purports this ursine spectacle to apparently be true:

In July 2017, a video apparently showing a bizarre spectacle — a bear riding in the sidecar of a motorcycle — appeared on various social media feeds and subsequently went viral. One of the most popular versions of the video, posted to the UNILAD Facebook page, was viewed more than 30 million times.

As the site is not well known, some questioned whether or not the video had been faked in some way. Was the the bear computer graphics? Was it created for an ad? Is this just a guy in a bear suit?

The video is actually genuine. It was taken on the streets of Arkhangelsk, a city in eastern Russia, and shows Tim, a trained bear, on his way to a traveling circus. An excerpt from a news article published by 29.ru explains that Tim was born partially blind, is almost retired at the age of 22, and that motorcycle is his favorite form of travel.

I am mildly curious as to who, exactly, verifies the journalistic integrity of Snopes—quis custodiet ipsos custodes?—or in plainspeak, who will buy those mysterious custodians from Ipswitch custard?
In the absence of an answer I must admit certain things remain a mystery, but the origin of this pretentious bear does not.


--Ardilla Feroz