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Question #91172 posted on 04/18/2018 8:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I was taking a walk today and I passed by the Provo Amtrak station. I’ve noticed it before but never really thought much of it. I am curious though. Does Amtrak even come to Provo? If not, when did it stop coming? The station looks decently well-kept.



Dear Mags,

The last time I took Amtrak from Provo was in July of 2016, but as of that date, it was still operating. Some basic Googling gives me no indication that the station has closed, so I'm assuming you could still catch a train there if you really wanted to. It's a very small station, and the train only stops there for about 3 minutes, but there's a bigger station in Salt Lake and I've caught the train from there as well.

But let me tell you, you don't want to take Amtrak. Taking the train is not the most pleasant experience I've ever hadthe train from Provo to my hometown takes about 17 hours and it doesn't pick up in Provo until the late evening, so you're stuck in an uncomfortable seat overnight. And the train is full of weird people, like poor little college Luciana who was too poor to afford to fly home. It's better if you have a friend there with you, because otherwise some of those weird people will sit by you and ask what your horoscope sign is, or try to hit on you even though you have headphones in and are blatantly looking in the other direction.



posted on 04/19/2018 12:13 p.m.
Dear Mags,

The Amtrak route that passes through Provo is the California Zephyr (https://www.amtrak.com/california-zephyr-train), which runs from Chicago to San Francisco. When it's running on schedule, the westbound train stops at Provo around 9:30 pm and the eastbound train stops around 4:30 am. You can see a live map of the train's location here: https://asm.transitdocs.com/map.

-yayfulness the train nerd