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Question #91178 posted on 04/20/2018 9:12 p.m.

Dearest Vienna,

In regards to Board Question #91151, congratulations! How did the proposal go down?

-Inquiring Mindless


Dear Mindless One,

Vienna's actual tenure here at the Board was short, but sweet: she joined in January of 2015 and had retired by November of that same year (when I had barely been a writer for six months!). Fortunately, she recently finished her student teaching and thus had time to answer your question:

Dear Mindless,

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to infiltrate the Board! I’m probably gonna hijack your question to tell everyone the story of how Rubik and I started dating. And then I’ll get to the proposal story.

Rubik and I are in the same ward and have been friends for almost three years now. Up until last February, I had mostly just seen him as a good friend. Then one day at ward prayer I was talking to this really attractive guy named Logan. In the middle of our conversation, Rubik walked up to us, and in my head I was like, “NO RUBIK YOU’RE CRAMPING MY STYLE.” But then the craziest thing happened. By the end of that conversation I had stopped caring about Logan completely, and I was looking at Rubik like “OH WAIT A SECOND NOW. WAIT. A. SECOND.” It was honestly like this random and sudden “oh, duh, Rubik and I should be dating” moment. And I’m not kidding when I say that I have loved him since that night. (I think I loved him even before that night; it just took me a while to realize it.)

After a few weeks of flirting, on March 14th of last year I asked him over to my apartment and I was like, “Hey I like you!” and he was like, “WHAT no way I like you, too!” (See guys, sometimes it pays to take a risk. BE FEARLESS.) Rubik wanted our first date to be to the library, so I decided to humor him. JUST KIDDING. Actually, our first legitimate date was to a showing of a Talking Heads concert. Side note: my brother also likes Talking Heads and ended up joining us. So yeah. My brother came on my first date with Rubik.

It’s been the best thing ever to have Rubik by my side for the last year. He is compassionate and kind and sweet and funny and handsome and he makes me feel loved and special every single day. I LOVE THAT MAN.

The proposal went down on a Sunday in January. We were in Salt Lake for the YSA devotional and Rubik’s plan was to propose to me at Temple Square. I love Temple Square and they had put the lights up one last time, so it was a pretty good plan. However, the plan didn’t exactly work out because 1) EVERYBODY AND THEIR DOG was at temple square that night and 2) Everybody and their dog was making jokes about people getting engaged that night. So, instead, we stopped at the Provo temple on the way home and he proposed to me there where it was nice and peaceful. He said lots of sweet things and made me cry and it was wonderful.

The funniest part of the night is that while we were at Temple Square, our friend Ethan came up to us with arms wide open and shouted, “YOU’RE ENGAGED!!” And we were like, “Actually we’re not.” So he opened his arms again and was like, “I mean…YOU’VE BEEN DATING FOR A REALLY LONG TIME!!” He had just assumed we were engaged because we’d been dating a while. Little did he know, we actually were about to get engaged in just a couple hours.

So that’s how it happened. We’re getting married in two weeks and I could not be marrying a better person. I have felt lucky to have him in my life every day of the past year, and I will continue to feel lucky for the rest of my life.



And there you have it. She's the best.

-Frère Rubik