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Question #91184 posted on 05/07/2018 1:06 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Why doesn’t BYU have a dead week for preparing for finals week like most other schools?

-Tired Student


Dear same,

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

-guppy of doom


Dear kwarshiorkor,

No need. We're already dead inside.


--Ardilla Feroz


Dear Estudiante,

While I would be a definite fan of bringing back two reading days as opposed to just one, I don't think I'd really like an entire dead week. Mainly because the entire week I would be feeling frantic and stressed about studying for finals, but then I'd also reach a point where more studying wouldn't help me, but then I'd probably start to forget the stuff I studied at the beginning of the week, and I'd be longing for an actual break without the weight of finals hanging over my head, and everything would feel awful [Note this is an intentional run on sentence because I want to communicate just how stressed an entire dead week would make me]. 

Does the above paragraph answer your question? No, but I felt like expressing that I'm actually more in favor of our current system. 


posted on 05/08/2018 3:56 p.m.
To actually answer the question, it's probably the same reason we don't have a spring break: because there is literally no room in the schedule. Between graduation in April and the first day of classes in September, there at least one big event on campus every week, whether it's a sports camp, Women's Conference, Education Week, EFY, spring and summer terms, etc., and the university doesn't want to sacrifice any of them.
Source: Dr. Cutchins in the English department, who was one of the faculty who fought to get us "Spring Day" in March, brought it up when asked about spring break in one of my classes.