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Question #91195 posted on 04/26/2018 7:54 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

We have a couple questions about a couple members of the BYU men's volleyball team:
1- Did Price Jarman get divorced? He has/had a wife listed in his Bio, but on senior night he was just introduced with his parents.
2- We have noticed that Price Jarman seems to have gotten a tattoo on the tricep of his right arm. What do the dots represent? Does it have a shape or meaning?
3- During every match the same question comes up at my house: What type of leaf/branch is Felipe's tattoo?

BYU Volleyball fan


Dear Volleyball Fan,

1. I googled high and low and didn't see anything about him being divorced

2. I couldn't find any pictures of his tattoo so I couldn't tell you.

3. I was able to find pictures of Felipe's tattoo, and it appears to be some sort of tropical fern. According to Alta it is most likely a cinnamon fern, or a Japanese painted fern.

One for three isn't too bad right? Sorry I couldn't find more info. Hope this helps,