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Question #91203 posted on 05/16/2018 3:05 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I was looking at http://100hourboard.org/questions/91191/. I thought that the policy was that you would answer the question within 100 hours. Indeed, you write this on your "About Us" page:
"The Board is a BYU online forum of volunteer students who answer any question they are asked within 100 hours."

However, on the link that I just provided, you said that the soonest you ever will answer any question is 100 hours. That seems to contradict your statement on the "About Us" page? Which is it? If it's the latter, at what point did the board change its mission from answering questions within 100 hours (with some exceptions for hard questions) to answering questions with a delay of at least 100 hours? Did I misunderstand how this works?

-My Name Here


Dear MNH,

Current Board policy is that all Board answers should post to the Board 100 hours after they have been asked. This is largely due to how the Board is coded; you can read more about that here. The posting-before-100-hours thing probably happened when the Board was physical, and also was a thing until at least 2004, as noted by Luciana in her abbreviated history of the Board. 

That being said, this year especially has been a bit rough as far as overdue answers go. We only had two editors for a long time, and in general people just seemed to be pretty busy. We're working on it, we promise!

Lastly, as far as inconsistencies in Board pages go...yeah, that's a thing. Sorry. Unfortunately, that's pretty low on our web team's priority list. We'll get to it eventually!

-Frère Rubik


Dear You,

You're right that we probably should update that sentence to be more clear, because we don't post questions before they reach 100 hours. But you know how in the Church we're told to prioritize the words of the living prophets over the words of dead prophets? It's the same principle on the Board. Listen to what the editors say the policy is currently, instead of one possible interpretation of a sentence written a long time ago. Yes, there will always be a delay of at least 100 hours before getting a question answered on the 100 Hour Board, and sometimes it may be longer depending on what else is going on. We apologize for that, but we do try to be as timely as possible.



Hi friend,

The official Board policy is to inconvenience you as much as humanly possible.

Have a nice day!