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Question #91206 posted on 05/08/2018 8:33 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What is your personal favorite type of question to answer (doctrinal, BYU specific, general advice, silly, etc.)?

-Rainbow connection


Dear favorite song,

Probably doctrinal and silly. 

I would have the utmost respect for you if you made questions in each of these categories and specifically asked them to writers who are most interested in answering them.

-guppy of doom


Dear person,

Enjoys: Outlandish hypotheticals, researching things I am interested in, jokes. 

Does not enjoy: Relationship advice, other advice, doctrine, anything about laws or insurance.

Not that I don't sometimes answer questions in the "dislike" category (i.e., advice and doctrine - never laws or insurance). Sometimes I do, especially if I really disagree with things other writers say or have strong feelings about the topic. However, I don't usually find it very enjoyable. 



Dear RC,

As far as specific genres I don't think I have any hard favorites. I do however, have two types of questions that I really enjoy.

I really like questions that ask for stories. I love telling stories and I love hearing all the wonderful stories from my fellow writers. 

The other type of questions I really like are ones that show the different viewpoints and perspectives of the writers. I feel like we all do a good job of answering a question, but when you get 3-4 different writers with different life experiences, areas of expertise, and viewpoints, you end up with much richer response overall. I really like seeing what my fellow writers think, and their answers often make me consider different points of view that I had never thought of before. Sometimes after reading all the responses I walk away with a different opinion than when I had started. I think it's kinda cool and it's one of my favorite things about the Board. I suppose that advice, relationship, doctrine, and opinion questions typically receive multiple responses so those are good.




Dear Rainbow Connection,

Give me all the weird questions about animals! I also really love fun research questions. My idea of fun research is pretty strange, and includes specific questions about things like parasites, dinosaurs, murder mysteries, or other topics heretofore unthought of that I end up enjoying. I realize that's super broad, and there are definitely plenty of research questions that I don't enjoy at all, but some of my very favorite questions to answer have been ones where I have to look up a bunch of new information about a topic I'm interested in.

I also like questions about books and TV shows (but the type where we get to talk about ones we love, not the type where we have to hunt something down based on a vague description).

And I wouldn't necessarily say they're my favorite, but I always find myself drawn to answering questions where the questioner sounds despondent and hopeless, because I just want to tell them that they're amazing and worth it and I love them. 



Dear Melted Skittles,

I love the questions that I'm able to expand in some weird and fun (at least from my perspective) way. So, hypothetical questions, or requests for stories/poems, and excuses to embark on an adventure are definitely on that list. I also really like the questions directed at me (unless they're complaints about a previous answer--none of us relish those). 

Finally, I love answering questions about book recommendations. I don't think I've ever gotten many upvotes on those answers, but they're some of my favorites to write up.



Dear Kermit,

I honestly love giving relationship advice. I'm sorry. I love it. It's like a strange unknowable science that I just can't understand. I literally research peer reviewed articles on relationships, flirting, marital success, etc. I survey people about constructs and perceptions. It's a terrible habit but it's really been fascinating. 

I love talking about nature and the environment. I love when someone asks a really good scientific question and I get to go ask my professors. I love when the question has nothing to do with my major and I get to ask someone else's professors. I also love when someone asks a strange but answerable question and I get to go investigate. 

I don't like answering meme reiterations, things you can (and should) just google, and instructions/IT advice. Sometimes you can tell a person is just venting their frustrations. I kind of like answering those and kind of hate it. It depends if they're right (they usually aren't) and if it's something I feel strongly about. 



Dear Rainbow,

Like Tipperary, I appreciate opinion questions that allow writers with diverse thoughts and ideas to share advice. More specifically, my favorite questions to answer are ones in which I feel my perspective is especially useful. That could be research questions about something I'm passionate about, like Disney or history, or it could be advice-seeking questions about which I feel my thoughts differ from my fellow writers.

I love answering questions overall, but I tend to gravitate to those in particular.




Dear kermit,

I really like questions where I can dig and do some research that I think is cool, like the question I did about different tri-state areas. I also tend to enjoy telling stories and giving (bad) advice. But in the end, I tend to enjoy answering questions that I have an answer to, which could be any kind of question. And sometimes it's none of the questions.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave