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Question #91215 posted on 05/14/2018 5:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Congratulations on surviving finals! What are your plans or goals for spring/summer?

-Rainbow connection



Very shortly (possibly by the time this answer posts) I'm going to be in South America! I'll be spending about a month down there visiting several different countries and I'm super excited! The anticipation of going on the trip pulled me through the last few weeks of the semester and now I'm finally going! I should probably pack...

Once I get back I'll be spending the rest of the summer in Idaho working and living with my family so that I can afford to go to school next semester. I'm pretty excited to be at home with my family. I'll be working a lot, but my dad and I are going to try and build some canoes so we can go canoeing near Yellowstone. I'm also going to try to make it to the temple every week and learn Python.

Yay for summer! I hope you (and all of our readers) have an awesome summer as well.




Dear Leprechaun,

Thanks! This finals week was the worst I've ever had, so it feels especially great to be on the other side of it.

Spring and summer are definitely going to be significantly more relaxed than this past Fall and Winter semesters. I'm only taking one class spring (and it should be fairly easy--just a prerequisite for another econ class I'm taking in Fall), I've got an internship doing data science in which I'll probably be working like 40 hours a week, I'm continuing my research with networks, and then I'm going to be studying for the math GRE and a math masters qualifying exam. 

However, what I'm super excited for is a trip to Yosemite with my dear friend, Black Forest Cake. Besides that, I'm hoping to fill many weekends with hiking or short overnight camping trips to places like Zions.

My goals for the summer include going to the temple every week, and doing an hour of yoga every day. 

Overall, I think it's all going to be a great time.



Dear Rainbows,

A week from the time I'm writing this answer, I'M GOING TO BE IN FRANCE. And I'm really excited. Other hopeful trips this summer are to visit Arches, Bryce, Las Vegas, and Victoria, Canada. I doubt I'll actually have time for all of those, but I'm gunning for at least one of them in addition to France. Let's all pray that I can convince my husband to take more time off work for vacations.

Other than that, I'm taking a few classes during summer term, and looking for a menial summer job (and will probably end up working custodial or something, hooray).

Thanks for asking! I hope your summer is pretty swell, too.



Dear person,

A lot of work.



Dear friend,

I'm taking classes here for Spring term! I would like to make some money too but so far I haven't figured that out.

After that I'm going to be an EFY counselor for seven weeks! I'm pretty excited for that and also a little nervous as I do not want to corrupt the youths.

Then I'll probably go to Iceland or do a cross-country conspiracy theory roadtrip, who knows.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave


Dear RC,

Spring: miss the first week of class by traveling home (no better way to start off a 7-week semester!), take one class, work for a few professors, hike all the closest trails. 

Summer: move near minnow (though not permanently because I still need to graduate. Stay in school kids because marriage isn't worth it  you'll have eternity to be together  what if he dies and you need to work because school is important), work remotely for the same professors, possibly get engaged, move back to Provo and be sad keep staying in school.

-guppy of doom


Dear you,

Well, I need to plan my last semester as an undergrad at BYU. That's one of my highest priorities. I am also working full-time as a real estate agent, so I hope to be able to close some more deals over the spring and summer so that I am in a good position come Fall semester.

I also want to do more cute things for my wife than I usually do. She definitely deserves it. 

-Sunday Night Banter