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Question #91229 posted on 05/08/2018 6:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Unusual and personal question--how can I tell where I am in my menstrual cycle when I'm suppressing my period? My periods tend to be physically and emotionally taxing, so now I'm taking continuous birth control. Unfortunately that sometimes means I suspect I'm having emotional PMS symptoms but I've lost track of where my cycle is. The (only) nice thing about menstruating was I knew when not to take my feelings too seriously. So--where am I?



Dear Vampire,

You could maybe use a period tracking app. You can find tons of good free ones in the app store (P Tracker is pretty good), and they usually tell you which part of your cycle you're in. You do need to input information from the past several periods for it to get a feel for where you should be at right now, but you can input the information retroactively. Knowing what to put for when your last several periods would have been will be harder, but if you know what time you're starting a new birth control pack, instead of taking the sugar pills for the week of your period, you might be able to figure it out, and just extrapolate based on that and the usual length of your periods.

You could also look into doing self testing to find out where in your cycle you are (testing your basal temperature, checking cervical mucus, etc). If you're going to do this, please get your information about how to do it from a doctor, not just from the WikiHow article I linked to.