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Question #91250 posted on 05/16/2018 1 p.m.

Hey all,

In a a couple weeks I’ll have limited access to civilization. That means no internet, and no internet means I won’t be able to read the board. While that’s really tragic, I’m more concerned about not having easy access to a grocery store. I’ll have meals provided, but they’re not always the most healthy. I would like to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but greens go bad fast and I’m not super keen about driving an hour to go to the store to buy groceries every week.

Luckily you guys are all knowing so you can let me know what fruits and vegetables and other foods will be able to be stored for more than a few days. Additionally, are there any healthy meals or snacks that you guys eat that you want to tell me about that I’ll be able to prepare and eat and love with relative ease?

I’ll have access to a refrigerator and a blender, but I’ll have limited to access to a stove and a freezer.

And if your feeling generous in your sharing, are there any workouts that you like to do without any gym equipment?



Dear Perugia,

As far as gym-equipment free workouts go, try yoga! All you need are clothes that allow you to move, and ideally a yoga mat (though for something like a vacation I wouldn't say a mat is strictly necessary).

For the food-related concerns in your question, I'd suggest getting a big bag of frozen berries for smoothie-making purposes, and another big bag of frozen veggies to cook up with your meals.

Good luck fitting in healthiness whilst away!



Dear Paganini,

I'm no expert, but here's what I found for long-lasting fruits & veggies (obviously these will keep best before you cut them):

  • Carrots (dip in ranch or hummus!)
  • Apples
  • Cabbage in place of lettuce on a sandwich, or make a shredded cabbage salad (you'd just be missing the tomatoes)
  • Oranges & grapefruit
  • Pomegranates
  • Applesauce
  • Limes & lemons (juice over foods, or make limeade/lemonade)
  • Raisins & other dried fruit
  • El-ahrairah's idea: bring a potted tomato plant, potted herbs
  • If you're a female on campus right now, talk to a nutritionist at Women's Services and Resources! The one I talked to gave me some great ideas about veggie snacks back in the day.

And for workouts:

  • Consider meeting with a student fitness trainer at the RB for a personalized workout plan
  • There are loads of bodyweight exercises you can do. I haven't explored them much, but I have used the Sworkit app; it could be fun to write down some of the different options they have (15 pushups, 20 situps, 30-second plank, etc.) and draw five options out of a hat each morning. The 5BX exercise plan that Zedability did on her mission seems really good too.
  • Will you have access to some kind of screen? Maybe download fitness videos ahead of time or borrow a workout DVD or the like. A few writers have recommended Jillian Michaels's 30 Day Shred in the past.
  • Run/walk/jump rope/dance to your favorite music or podcasts downloaded ahead of time

I hope that helps get you started. Have a great time!