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Question #91262 posted on 05/18/2018 5:24 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So I know it's a long shot.

Do any of you know (or maybe know someone who knows?) a girl who flew from Provo to Arizona on May 11th, is "from Arizona," has long blond (or light brown) hair, is fairly short, and has a succulent named Simon Cowell in a small watering can? And her name starts with "Al----" (full name withheld because it feels weird to include the whole thing).

I met her briefly at the airport and really enjoyed our conversation, but I forgot to get her last name or a phone number and I'm regretting it. But with the whole Board on the case maybe someone can find out who it is?

Like I said, a long shot. But thanks anyway!



Dear You,

It looks like none of us know the girl in question, sorry. And in any case, even if we did, I don't know how comfortable we'd feel with giving you the information to contact her. If you had asked her for her number, she could have chosen to give it to you or not, but we have no way of knowing if she'd feel comfortable with you having her contact information, and we wouldn't want to bypass her agency. If you really think things are meant to be with her you could try looking her up on Facebook (but beware of sending any creepy messages, or you run the risk of ending up on Provo Guys Am I Right's Instagram page) (and, you know, also the risk of being creepy).