"Women can tell you how many degrees (Fahrenheit and Celsius, to say nothing of Kelvin) it was outside." -Optimistic. on first kisses
Question #91285 posted on 05/28/2018 5:24 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board writers young and old!

What is/are (an) answer(s) that you worked hard to make entertaining? I hope answers to this question can provide links to some of the most fun reads on the board.



Dear Zelda,

This was a fun excuse to waste way too much time going through my answers and laughing at my own jokes. Most of my answers are boring, but I did find that the entertaining answers I wrote were mostly of three types:


Board Question #33237
Board Question #34559
Board Question #36078
Board Question #37608
Board Question #38520
Board Question #44950
Board Question #43804
Board Question #45013


Board Question #45420
Board Question #71807
Board Question #81835
Board Question #86642

"Search the Archives" Poems

Board Question #35592
Board Question #36182
Board Question #36990
Board Question #37066
Board Question #44977

Of those, I think 71807 may be my favorite.

-=Optimus Prime=-


Dear you,

This one.

~Anne, Certainly 


Dear Doctor,

The most recent one is this one about word density in TV shows.

-Tally M.


Dear link,

Board Question #57708, in which Marzipan, Gimgimno, Commander Keen, and I explored a stream going through Provo. That was a fun adventure, despite the editors of the day making me take down the picture of me flipping the bird to the "No Trespassing" sign and removing all references to river-based public urination. Fascists! Well, now, it's 8 years later, the truth can be told, and I have the last laugh! Ha ha ha ha!



Dear L,

I wrote over 2,000 answers during my tenure with the Board, so to keep things from getting out of hand I'm just looking at answers that got picked as Editor's Choice.

  • Board Question #69193 - My first absurdly detailed answer, in which I conduct experiments on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • Board Question #70656 - The infamous temples question: what human settlement is furthest from an LDS temple? Also, what answer is posted furthest from the time the question was asked?
  • Board Question #71881 - In which I murder marshmallow peeps in the most cruel amusing ways possible.
  • Board Question #75383 - An absurd meteorological hypothetical which I treat as seriously as possible.
  • Board Question #76492 - In which Concealocanth and I compare the water temperature of low drinking fountains, high drinking fountains, and water-bottle fillers fwooshie things.
  • Board Question #78238 - Q: If you ask yayfulness a geography hypothetical, how long will his answer be? A: This long.
  • Board Question #81323 - A series of fairy tales, retold in the style of the Board.
  • Board Question #89458 - Someone asked about Board generations last alumni week. I finished writing my absurdly detailed answer about Board generations three months after alumni week.
  • Board Question #91348 - And finally, one from this year's alumni week, which you'll probably have to wait another day or two to read. I'll leave the topic spoiler-free.



Dear link,

This History of the Alphabet that I did with Foreman and Claudio. 

And I took my time crafting a short story around my spectacular failure of a first kiss.

My retirement post A) was incredibly, almost parodically self-indulgent, B) contains way too many links, but C) could slip in as an answer to this question pretty well.

-Humble Master


Dear Hot,

"The Elementary Penguin Blues" from Board Question #62002 might very well have been me peaking. Not just as a Board writer, but like, as a human. 

- Rating Pending (who is amazed to realize that it's been ten years since he wrote a Twilight parody, one that, at the time, he was convinced was hilarious. He's going to link to it but not going to reread it himself because that's a chapter (PUN INTENDED) we've closed as a nation, as human beings. Part 1: Board Question #44374, Part 2: Board Question #49190)


Dear Zelda,

This is the most in depth cop-out I've ever written.



Dear friend,

Probably the Genghis Khan vs. Attila the Hun strategizing I did in my early days, when I was young and still full of that new writer zest. It may not be my legacy, but I kinda want it to be. Along with my (hopefully helpful) LGBTQ/trans education questions and the rare questions where I got to talk about my favorite Dutch post-impressionist. Plus I got to reference that "Genghis Khan" music video, and that is such a sweet music video.

-Van Goff


Dear person,

Thanks for asking this question! I have been low-key hoping for a couple of years to have a good opportunity to talk about how difficult this answer was to create. It took at least a couple of hours. I used copy and paste to do it, which (in theory) sounds quick and easy, but everything uploaded suuuuuper slowly and my browser would crash when I tried to paste too many at a time. Apparently, the Board isn't built for writers to upload 25,001 images in one go.



Dear Link,

Without question (heh), Board Question #86430 - my Hamilton parody answer.



Dear Zelda,

In Board Question #90467 I counted/measured the exterior glass of the ENTIRE LIFE SCIENCE BUILDING because I LOVE OUR READERS. It was hard, it was quite entertaining if I do say so myself.




Dear pigwidgeon,

Board Question #90206--cocerning edible liquids without water as a base--took a lot of effort, as did my Macbeth parody rebuttal of Michael Buble's abhorrent "Santa Buddy" in Board Question #90705.

If I could persuade you to read any one recent thing of mine, it would be Board Question #90334, a sort of Monte L. Bean/Komodo dragon historical fanfiction where dragons are accidentally loosed into a Ballroom Dance concert. I worked hard to make sure all songs, building construction timelines, people, dates, travel times, etc. could actually coexist in the world of the answer. Also, I created this beautiful visual pun:


The experience greatly boosted my respect --and sympathy--for writers of historical fiction.


--Ardilla Feroz

P.S. If you haven't already read the Declaration of Tinderpendence, have a look.


Dear Conan(s),

Translating puns was a blast, and took forever. And I'm still a little bit proud of my vending machine Nirvana answer. 

I randomly found this one, which I answered with my brother by writing out a response R.A.B. style, complete with a photoshopped background that made the paper look old and wrinkled (and maybe old English language? I can't remember and I couldn't dig it up anywhere.) Also, to whoever was kind enough to send gifts to the Board through a scripture reference and a treasure hunt, thanks for being the real hero. 

Take care,

-Auto Surf


Dear Links,

I was never quite sure if my sense of humor really came through on the Board, but these three answers are a good sampling of what I find funny.

Board Question #66772 (An explanation of my feud with Art Vandelay)
Board Question #89525 (My encounter with the tunnel worms)
Board Question #70291 (My exclusive tell-all interview with Optimistic.)

-Genuine Article


Dear you,

This was a very specific question, but I had a lot of fun coming up with an answer.