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Question #91299 posted on 05/26/2018 1:11 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board Writers and Alumni,

What's your favorite temple? Why?

-Franklin Roosevelt


Dear Doctor,

Like a basic Mormon white girl, it was the Nauvoo temple, and then the Provo City Center.

And you know what, I'm okay with that.

Provo City Center has personal significance to me, although that significance didn't start until after it'd burned down and I saw the architectural renderings of the new temple for the first time. And besides, it's where Spectre and I got married, so that definitely helps keep it my favorite.

-Tally M.


Lovely Franky,

Fave Temple: My hometown's temple is my favorite, because it has a lot of symbolism of my hometown culture and history woven through the design and artwork.

Least Fave Temple: City Center, because a boy held my hands on the steps back when it was a tabernacle then ghosted me the next week, so my happiest memories with that building are from when it was BURNT TO A CRISP by GOD as punishment to that boy for ghosting me. When the temple was announced I was mad that the building was coming back, phoenix-like, from the ashes.  I felt like God TOOK MY FIERY RETRIBUTION FROM MY SAD, JILTED HANDS.  But it's okay!  Soon after the temple was announced I looked the fella up on Facebook and found he had gone prematurely bald, in an unfashionable manner.  You'd think this would restore City Center in my heart to a cleansed, tabula rasa state but--no. The scars remain. The memory burns bright. And, hey, northwest corner stairs of the once-Tabernacle? I fear and despise you as I fear and despise the great rattlesnake, the horrid cottonmouth, and the formidable brown recluse. 



Dear Frank,

Not only does Provo City Center have my favorite architecture, but it's also the temple I live closest to. Also, I think the back story of it burning down and then being rebuilt as a temple is beautiful so that makes it extra special to me. So, Provo City Center is defs my favorite.




Dear Franklin Roosevelt,

Well, my favorite used to be the Manti Utah Temple, since that's where my husband and I were married.

Now, however, I'd have to say the Philadelphia Temple is my new favorite. It's absolutely beautiful and unique, not overwhelmingly white or traditional, and it's now the closest temple to my home- a mere one hour drive (as opposed to the three hour drive to either the Washington D.C. Temple or the Manhattan Temple). 

-Sky Bones


Dear F to the DR,

I love love the St. George temple. I've never even been inside, but it's so sparkly white. I feel like it's a brighter white than most temples.



Dear Tally ~

I don't know that I really have a favorite, but if I have to choose, I probably choose Idaho Falls by default. I love the Idaho Falls temple. Probably due to it being "my" temple growing up. It also looks like the stereotypical temple. When kids draw a temple, they draw Idaho Falls. But as I grow up and have been distanced from it for many, many years, it holds more of a fond nostalgia in my heart than a current, active favorite.

I wanted to get married in Jordan River because it was more central to family and looked like Idaho Falls. But the one week we could get married and have all of our family there happened to be the one week it was closed for cleaning that summer. I'm kind of jealous of my brother-in-law who is getting married there this fall.

I got married in Mt. Timpanogos, mostly because Jordan River was closed, and it was pretty and still central. I had no attachment to it. But as fate would have it, I have lived in the Timp temple district for 6.5 years now, and I am rather fond of it now.

I like the way Payson has this awesome combination look of modern temple and early Mormon temple. 

I love the decor of the Provo City Center temple. The dark wood. The floral themes. The stained glass inside. Even the exit signs!

So, um. Yeah, I struggle with favorites.

~ Dragon Lady


Dear Roosevelt,

As a kid I always liked the Mt. Timpanogos temple, but my current favorite would have the be the Payson temple. It's so beautiful, and I love all of the stained glass inside. I may or may not also be biased since I was sealed to Ms. Mitty in the Payson temple.



Dear FR,

I've only been once, but the Copenhagen Denmark temple was wonderful. The woodwork, the staircases, and the way the two-stage rooms felt made it really special.



Dear Franklin,

When I was a Young Woman back in the day, we had a lesson about temples and our leaders asked everyone to name their favorite temple. The leaders got each of us a framed picture of the temple we picked. All of the other girls chose Salt Lake or San Diego, so, wanting to be different, I chose Mount Timpanogos. Guess where I got married years later?

In addition to that significance, I love how the Celestial Room has a floor-to-ceiling window that faces east. It makes for a beautiful scene in the morning as the sun rises.

Last, just before my youngest brother entered the MTC, my entire immediate family was able to go to the temple together. I'll never forget how special it felt to unite in the Celestial Room with my mom, dad, and siblings. Again, this happened in the Mount Timpanogos temple.




Redlands temple like for real. That’s my mission temple. The murals aren't so saturated and they use skylights for most of the session rooms. 

I feel like I should say DC because I grew up there and got my endowments there. It's nice. It's huge. But it's old and the carpets are not my idea of appealing. 



Dear Franklin,

My right one, that I'm tapping knowingly, waggling my eyebrows at you, waiting expectantly for you to acknowledge this amazing joke.

- Furious George