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Question #91303 posted on 06/01/2018 1:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How would somebody you don't get along with describe you?

-the ever-inquisitive Goose Girl


Dear Gretchen,

Well, my eternal families professor would probably describe me as an outspoken feminist with a big mouth who has no idea what she's talking about. 

Other people might describe me as "too much" and someone on twitter called me "too outspoken" so take that as you will. 



Dear ever-inquisitive, 

Someone who used to report to me at work recently described me as "a bulldozer." He meant it positively—I used that to help him, after all—but I suspect that someone I didn't get along with might say exactly that same thing. 

- Petra 


Dear the ever-inquisitive Goose Girl,

Up until recently, I have endeavored to be nice enough, good enough, thoughtful enough, middling enough to have as few people not get along with me as possible. Like, sure, I may have been a super active Mormon who was also super liberal, an enthusiastic feminist, gay (shh), etc., but I was just going to make you see that I was a worthwhile person who thought that you were a worthwhile person while neither of us argue. Spoiler alert: This doesn't work, y'all, and it's exhausting.

Over the past year I've gotten lippier and more self-interested. It is very necessary, from a mental health standpoint, for where I am and where I come from. Right now, then, the folks I don't get along with would probably call me vulgar, dramatic, emotional, under-achieving, spiteful, flaky, and really, really apostate. All of which I'm comfortable with, so.

- The Black Sheep



Annoying, lazy, liberal, boring, strict. Hooray?

-Uffish Thought 


Dear GG—

"She cries too much, and she laughs at her own jokes."

"He's too tall, and his beard is too mighty."

Waldorf and Sauron 


Dear you,

Maybe as a person who tries to be nice but whose provincial/conservative/orthodox/smallminded views and lack of humility mean that she doesn't really accept others who are different. Also, she interrupts people. Also her thighs are too big.

~Anne, Certainly


Dear person,

It really depends on the relationship.

People I'm close to, people in my graduate program, former teachers: Unforgiving, lacks proper respect for authority, loose cannon, overemotional.

Family members, people in my ward: Cold, unfriendly. 

Out of all of these, I would agree with unforgiving and add judgmental and lazy. I think people who think that I lack proper respect for authority probably respect authority too much. And I think that people who believe that I'm a loose cannon, overemotional, cold, or unfriendly don't know me very well.



Dear Goose Girl,

They'd probably say I'm short (which is true), and I imagine they'd describe me as abrupt, aloof, and a know-it-all.

Even some people I do get along with call me mean, condescending, and judgmental, which is unsurprising since I use some of those words to describe myself. They say things like "I don't know why I hang out with this guy," "Why are we even friends?" and "You're the worst."

-The Entomophagist


Dear Goose Girl,

Probably quiet, insecure, moody, impulsive, clingy, and stuck in my head too much. Also more passive-aggressive about chores than one reasonably should be.

-Van Goff


Goose Girl,

Unhappy, selfish, impatient, emotional, judgmental, unreliable, opinionated, maybe unrighteous/apostate (but I feel like I'm far enough removed from Mormon stuff that people don't care anymore, who knows). Maybe impulsive too, now that I have a tattoo and am getting another in a few days, wooo.




Dear chimpance, 

Flaky, stuck in the past, hoarder, sloppy, perpetually late, procrastinator, weaselly, unnecesarily self-promotional.


--Ardilla Feroz, from Lisbon, Portugal


Dear Goose Girl,

This very day, someone described a draft answer of mine as "pointlessly callous." In Board Question #51643, "egotistical right wing wacko" got thrown out there. (And a writer observed that I wasn't being "secretly egotistical." Non-denial denial, or Freudian slip? Maybe my egotism is just out in the open.) Wouldn't be surprised by hearing stubborn or self-righteous either.  

~Professor Kirke


Dear Goosey,

Selfish, flighty, dishonest, and money-hungry <redacted> who is manipulative, gossipy, and unable to commit to anything--oh, and divorced, gasp. This is a mishmash of what I've heard from a few folks and I think it's pretty fun.

What can I say? I'm a simple gal. I voice my boundaries and wants/needs clearly, but am mercurial, changing my mind regularly. This doesn't sit well with people who are looking for predictability and does lead to communication clashes/confusion. 



Dear the ~

In elementary school a new girl moved into my ward (and school). She didn't like me. Her first impression of me was a girl with redheaded pigtails that was too nice.

[shrug] It's true. (Except I've lost the red headedness [sob] and rarely wear pigtails anymore.) 

But this question intrigued me. Mostly because it's not a list of what I see as my weaknesses, and more, what do others see that isn't super flattering? So I've been thinking about it. And the more I think about it, the more depressing it is. So... thanks?

I talk too much. I tend to take over things. I get too invested in things I maybe shouldn't. I can't make decisions to save my life. I ask opinions of everyone else, and despite being in leadership positions often, I always waffle and hope someone else will make a decision.

~ Dragon Lady


Dear girl of gooses,

heh 2.jpg



Dear Shannon,

Unfortunately, I know this one! Basically, some people I thought liked me had written mean things about me in a place they thought I would never read, but I stumbled into them later. Apparently I'm stuck-up, aloof, arrogant, and an insufferable know-it-all. I was pretty broken up about it at the time, but I've used that criticism to change for the better. I try to come across as less stuck-up by not retreating into shyness/silence as much. I found out I seem extra aloof because I have difficulty recognizing faces (prosopagnosia), but I try to make up for that with extra warmth. For the arrogance, I try more listening instead of advising and for the know-it-all aspect, I've surrounded myself with a different set of people who appreciate and share weird facts with me instead of disliking my "GUYS DID YOU KNOW??" Hermione Granger-ness. 

After all that, I'm sure I still come across as cold sometimes. Oh well. The world needs more than just bubbly, smiley people and I've made peace with that.



Dear here for the self-roast:

In grad school, my marketing professor pulled me aside to absolutely destroy me. She threatened to flunk me out of her class, said I was a drag on the team, and negged my classroom comments. When I told her I thought my textbook anxiety disorder was likely a contributing factor she said I was exactly like her narcissistic anxiety-riddled ex-husband. 

Joke's on her, I found a communications job where I report directly to the CEO and pretty much do as I please.



Dear you,

I stay out too late
Got nothing in my brain
That's what people say, mmm, mmm
That's what people say, mmm, mmm
I go on too many dates
But I can't make them stay
At least that's what people say, mmm, mmm
That's what people say, mmm, mmm

T. Swift


Dear Goose Girl,

Probably as selfish, egotistical, judgmental, self-righteous, and boring.