"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun." - Katharine Hepburn

Dear 100 Hour Board (current, past, and future if you can swing it),

What are your favorite YouTube (or similar) channels?

-As if I needed more


You do,

YouTube is my favorite form of entertainment because I'm actually twelve years old. Here are my faves:

Tiny Kitchen: This is a cooking show where tiny foods are cooked. It's adorable.

Binging with Babish: He recreates recipes from movies, tv, and video games. He'll often do a faithful recreation and then a good-tasting one.

Sea Lemon: Craft tutorials; her bookbinding tutorials are especially fun.

Threadbanger: A comedy DIY channel. This husband-and-wife team used to "investigate" Pinterest crafts, which was hilarious! Lately, they've been doing a lot of house stuff, since they are renovating a house.

Good Mythical Morning: I've loved Rhett and Link since 2010, because I'm a hipster. I love this weird little show and am so happy that they've found success on YouTube! They seem like neat dudes.

Jacksfilms: Your Grammar Sucks is hilarious. Also, it's amazing that The Emoji Movie people invited him to the movie premiere last summer.

Jenna Marbles: I love Jenna. I love her dogs. And who isn't curious about how many balloons it takes to make a chihuahua fly? It hadn't occurred to me before her video, but I'm happy she answered this important question. (Her boyfriend, Julian Solomita, has a vlog channel, and it's pretty good too!)

The Completionist: Jirard shows what it takes to complete video games 100% and tells you whether the journey is worth it or not. 

The Most Popular Girls in School: It's a series about high school cheerleaders done in stop-motion animation with Barbie dolls. It's hilarious.

Chris Fleming: He is a comedian that you just have to watch to understand. He's most famous for "Gayle," where he plays a type A, middle-aged mom named Gayle who's obsessed with one-upping her neighbors in her little New England town.

The Game Theorists: The videos here are theories about video games, tv, and movies. I've been introduced to some fascinating video games by watching this channel. I also enjoy their live video game streams occasionally. 

I've also been watching Vine compilations obsessively all year. I know: I'm a garbage weirdo.



Dear you,

PeanutButterGamer, SpaceHamster, Good Mythical Morning, videogamedunkey, and H3H3 Productions are all really good, and I watch all their videos when I can. But today, I want to put the spotlight on a different kind of YouTuber:

Mr Rock

I mean, who could say no to Despacitoomuchbass? Or there's my personal favorite, the worst thing you will ever hear. What could go wrong? For a milder case of the previous discomfort, we have frustration.

It might sound like I'm trolling, but I actually genuinely enjoy this. Your guess as to what is wrong with me is as good as mine.

-The Entomophagist


Dear Needy,

My favorite YouTube channel is MuskyMusk. It's a video blog created by Grimes and Elon Musk that captures moments from their life together. There was just a super great episode that showcased the birth of their fifth child, Tesla. It was accompanied by a 14-minute long art pop track Grimes wrote about the movie The Shining.

-Vienna from the Future


Dear you,

You Suck at Cooking. Yes, you totally suck.

-guppy of doom


Dear As If I Needed More,

I confess, I don't YouTube much, but I have two channels to recommend.

The first one is Emergency Awesome. If you don't like geek/nerd culture, easter eggs and speculative theories, then this one definitely is not for you.

The second one is The Sea Rabbit. (I wish he updated more, he's in a bit of lull right now, unfortunately.) If you don't like dry humor about life, then this one definitely is not for you, either.

My husband and I also love to watch a good Fail Army video and Bad Lip Reading video from time to time, too. Other than that, I mostly use YouTube for background music so that's all I have, for now.

-Sky Bones


Dear AS IF,

I don't watch a lot of YouTube, and I definitely don't follow a lot of channels. So that makes my recommendations super selective and therefore valuable, right? (RIGHT?) Here goes:

MTV's Decoded - This isn't its own channel, exactly, but it's a series about race issues in America. The episodes are clear, entertaining, educational and important, and I really like the host, Francesca Ramsey.

Josh Wright - This dude is an excellent pianist and gives fantastic piano skill tutorials.

TED Talks - I mean, you probably know about this one, but like me, forgot that it was possible to follow them on YouTube until recently?

The Moth - NPR storytelling!

Essential Craftsman - I don't watch this guy as much as my husband and 3yo do, but the guy seems really cool and we're crazy about his video about cooking a pizza in his forge.

The Bucket List Family - My 3yo's very favorite thing. We often watch it together with popcorn when Mr. Olympus is at Scouts. Jessica is an acquaintance of mine from BYU. She posted on Facebook looking for a nanny to come traveling with them a few years ago and "suddenly" they have a million followers! (Obviously it takes tons of work on their part, not "suddenly," but it felt that way to me in the same way every other family's missionary child seems to be "suddenly" coming home from their mission when you swear they just left. haha.) Anyway, every video is gorgeous, keyed to both kids and adults, and their family is chill and normal (even though what they are doing - traveling the world full time - isn't), which is inspiring and makes it fun to watch.

Corner Gas on YouTube - I own all the seasons of this transcendent Canadian show, but before I did, I watched them here.

Tabletop with Wil Wheaton - OK, yeah, this answer wouldn't be complete if I didn't throw in a plug for my dear favorite Tabletop show. It's the best for being exposed to new games in shorthand, and because the players are mostly actors or writers or performers of some kind, the gameplay is really entertaining and often plays up the storytelling aspect of a game. One caveat - because the players are mostly actors or writers or performers of some kind, before deciding to buy a game, it's good to ask yourself, "Was that entertaining because of the performers or also because the game was cool, and will the game still be cool when we're playing it at MY house?" 



Dear chocolate?,

My favorite right now is probably Smarter Every Day, though I also enjoy Veritasium and CGP Grey. The common theme here is explaining science-y topics in ways accessible to the general public. And because a whole channel can be an overwhelming thing to dive into, here are a few highlights:

Smarter Every Day: Mystery of Prince Rupert's Drop at 130,000 fps

Veritasium: Why Women Are Stripey

CGP Grey: Politics in the Animal Kingdom



Dear there are always more, 

Geek & Sundry, but I mostly only watch Critical Role, and now that I am caught up, I tend to watch that channel less because live is so much more fun. 

As for the other channels, they generally fall into the video game content (reviews, tips, let's plays, etc) or it falls into the LGBT content - either specifically LGBT related content (e.g. Kinda TV), or adjacent LGBT content (e.g. My Drunk Kitchen). Here's a full list: 

  • Arekkz Gaming
  • MyHarto (home to My Drunk Kitchen) 
  • Partially Royal
  • Girl Ship TV
  • Kinda TV
  • Rose Ellen Dix & The Roxetera 
  • Dr. Lupo
  • Vihart
I feel like these days I tend to watch streamers more than YouTube videos for general gameplay info on games, but that YouTube can be immensely helpful for getting specific information. 
Also, watch/listen to Critical Role. It's delightful. 

Dear as if,

When I was a kid, I used to create races in my room with my toy cars. I wanted to avoid any sort of subconscious bias on my part (like any other kid, I had favorite and not-so favorite cars), so rather than racing them down tracks or anything, I drew numbers randomly to see how many spaces ahead they could move around my room. I never knew who would win, but narratives started to form around the cars. Some would hang around the back only to shoot ahead at the end, and others would be front-runners only to spectacularly choke at the finish line. I created races, then seasons of races, then years' worth of racing seasons. It was fun, but also gigantically lonerish and nerdy, which prepared me to become the man that I am.

So it was to my immense delight last year that I happened to find a YouTube channel devoted entirely to racing marbles down tracks, noting their positions, assigning points, and declaring winners over seasons' worth of races. And even better, they have someone offering commentary over each race! It's exactly what I created as a kid in my room, except on a bigger scale! They even have summer AND winter Olympic events! Have you ever wanted to watch marbles compete in bobsled? Curling? High jump? Ski jump? Relay races? Hockey? Watch the videos and you'll realize that it perfectly fills the hole in your heart you didn't even realize was there.

I'm not sure that I'm doing an adequate job selling how spectacularly amazing this channel is, so go back and read the two above paragraphs five or six times until you're sufficiently excited to click on the link and subscribe.

I would also highly recommend Hevesh5, a teenage domino building sensation (whom I would recommend to you even if she wasn't a woman, but because she is, doubly so, because I love supporting awesome women doing awesome things), Smooth McGroove, a talented singer who records multi-track acapella renditions of classic video game music (it's even cooler than it sounds, and it sounds AWESOME), and both GrandPooBear and CarlSagan42, incredible and hilarious streamers of Super Mario Maker, though I should warn you by saying that as professional Twitch streamers, they use naughty words from time to time.

I also watch quite a bit of Peppa Pig lately, although that's more my children's doing than my own. Still, Peppa is awesome, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

- D.A.R.E.


Dear You Need These Two,

There are two channels that I cannot get enough of and high recommend to everyone.

How Ridiculous: The premise of the channel is Australian guys throwing random objects off of a 150 foot tower on to other objects. After my last final I spent about 3 hours watching the utter destructive power of falling anvils, bowling balls, and assorted vegetables.

Colin Furze: Colin Furze is a former plumber turned mad scientist engineer from England. He makes crazy projects. Everything from rocket powered go carts, to flame throwing guitars. Colin Furze is a legend, and my personal hero.

Hope this helps.