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Question #91313 posted on 05/27/2018 4:12 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

With 2018 graduations, I was surprised not to read any board retirement posts, especially knowing several of you wonderful writers were graduating or are graduated.

I know according to Board Question #89335 you can continue writing after graduation... but are we soon to see any old paper bags leave and new ones appear? Or will this new policy keep the Board with the same dedicated writers forever?

-Attachment Issues


Dear AI,

Didn't you see half the Board announce their retirement in Board Question #91173?

-The Entomophagist


Dear you,

I for one would love to have new writers join us!! (And none of the current writers leave. Please, everyone. I would be heartbroken if any more of you left.) If you've ever thought about applying, please do! And if you think you wouldn't cut it, please apply anyways, because I was in your shoes a few months back. It took one day of courage for me to apply, and then the next day I couldn't stop thinking, "Oh, what have I done, there's no way I'm getting in, I'm never taking that kind of a risk ever again!" And then it took months to hear back about my application so I could have sworn I was rejected...let's just say, regardless of where you are in the application process, give it time. And if you haven't applied yet, go for it! Being a Board writer has been absolutely fantastic.

-guppy of doom


Dear The Poopsmith,

Attachment issues, indeed, but we're both still here, eh? 

Ever more haggard,

--@r)!114 f3r0z


Dear AI,

I retired last week and am back for a victory lap!

See Board Question #91231.



Dear Attachment,

Yes. We will literally just keep the same writers we have now, forever. Maybe one day one of us will get busy or try to leave, but they definitely didn't know knew when they signed up that this is a lifetime commitment, so anybody who tries to retire will probably have tunnel worms sicced on them.