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Question #91317 posted on 05/21/2018 5:49 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are the best or most interesting Kickstarters you've seen? Your favorites or ones you've funded? Have you ever known anyone who ran a Kickstarter? Are any of the ones you love still active and able to be funded (or otherwise ordered from?)



Dear Kodak,

I funded a Kickstarter fora new smartwatch, the MyKronos ZeTime. It's not perfect, but most of the issues are software-related, and it keeps improving little by little. Whatever problems it does have, I like that it's not much bigger than a normal watch, and it still has analog hands so that you can tell the time without turning on the screen.

-The Entomophagist


Dear Kodak,

A friend of mine is selling her new cookbook+stories book, I Cook for Compliments, on Kickstarter! Every recipe has stories and she is a fabulous writer. I can't wait to get this cookbook in the mail, and as of this question's posting, there will still be a few days left on her Kickstarter clock. Yay! She is also a former Board writer, but I won't spoil her anonymity.

I went in with Dragon Lady and Yellow to fund the Duchess gaming table, which is awesome and has ratcheted up our gaming game (heh) by a lot. (That makes it sound like we singlehandedly funded it between the two of us - ha. No, buying the tables in a four pack gave you a discount, so we joined in with them and two of their other friends to do that.) We had to wait something like a year and a half between funding it and receiving it, but it was totally worth it because they had some issues in shipping and packaging (among other things) that the earlier shipments had to deal with, but our table was in near perfect condition because we were one of the last shipments. Yay for patience! Haha. It's even better because we live in a small space in California, so we can't have two tables, but we CAN have this because it comes with toppers that help it double as a normal kitchen table. It's been great for our social life, too, because we often have friends come over to play after kid bedtimes. We either offer to help pay for their babysitters or have people come over who don't need babysitters (either because their kids are older, or because they don't have kids.)

I actually have relatively little Kickstarter experience, but my favorite Kickstarter story is when Amanda Palmer became the first music artist to break $1 million for an album on Kickstarter. She tells the story of it in her TED talk (with a more extended version in her book, The Art of Asking), and it's marvelous. Long story short, her label had just declared her a failure for selling 25,000 copies of an album, and for her next album she made history on Kickstarter with her $1million campaign, which was funded by right around 25,000 funders.

It's also fun to just go to Kickstarter's homepage and look through different projects. THAT is super entertaining.




My brother did one not too long ago. He's been teaching himself about 3D printing and programming, and used the Kickstarter money to pay himself to develop a program to make it easier for people to design their own mini figurines. 

I mostly back point and click adventure games, trying to recapture the joy of Lucasarts games. Some are better than others. 

-Uffish Thought 


Dear Kodak ~

As Olympus stated above, it's definitely the Duchess game table. I'm pretty fond of it. For pretty much all of the reasons she stated.

We do not have a tiny house in California, so our table usually resides in our basement, in our game room, next to our walk-in game closet. (Have I mentioned we love games?) I love that it has edges so game pieces don't get knocked off by interfering children who should know better, but don't. I love that it has a mat, kind of like a mouse pad, that makes it far easier to pick up cards without dinging them with my fingernails. I love that it has cup holders.

When our friends moved in with us, and we realized we couldn't fit 11 people around our 6-person table, we brought the game table upstairs, with the table topper, turning it into a kitchen table. We took off the cup holders (because holy cow... kids. They can climb and dangle on anything), and I miss those every time we play a game on it. But I'm super happy about the flexibility of it, allowing us to eat all day, and play games on a dedicated table in the evening. And yes, I know you can play games on a normal kitchen table—I have done it for years—but it really is that awesome to play on. 

Don't believe me? Come have a game night with me.

~ Dragon Lady


Dear Kodak,

I funded the Veronica Mars movie back in the day, as well as some of the early My Drunk Kitchen/Hannah Hart stuff (to be honestly that might have been on Indiegogo, I can't remember). I also funded the fidget cube things, which were much better in principle than actual use in my opinion. I mean they might work well for someone but except for sometimes when I watch TV I rarely use mine. There are probably other weird knick-knacks that I've purchase/funded as well but I can't remember them. 

There IS a dice company doing a Kickstarter right now called Kraken Dice and I kind of want to waste an absurd amount of money on them because they are so purdy. I have a problem okay and it's all the fault of Critical Role and D&D. 

But mostly I try to stay very far away from Kickstarter because I have the tendency to impulse buy things that look cool but that I don't really need.