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Question #91318 posted on 05/22/2018 1:42 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I looooove ordering products from creative people I know. What are your favorite product pages from people you know who make awesome things? (Etsy shops, websites, Facebook links ... wherever products can be browsed and purchased.)



Hi Kodak,

One of my closest friends has an great embroidery side hustle, but it's mostly not Board appropriate. I have four of her creations hanging in my room. Here's two of them, but if you click to through that post to her full page, be warned there are swears and representations of the human body.

Another friend of mine, Livio Ramondelli, is currently working as a comic artist for "Transformers" for IDW, but he does a ton of other stuff too. His website bio says this:

Credits include “Transformers” for IDW Publishing (Among many projects, “The Autocracy Trilogy” with Chris Metzen and Flint Dille), “Darkness Visible” with Mike Carey and Arvind Ethan David, “Hidden Universe: Star Trek -Guide to Vulcan” and “Guide to the Klingon Empire” for Insight Editions, “BattleStar Galactica” for Dynamite, “Pacific Rim” for Legendary Comics and the cover art for “The Transformers: The Animated Movie” Blu-Ray.

He does a ton by commission, but his Star Wars stuff is my favorite, and it's pretty widely known. I have this one! You can get his art at basically any Comic Con worldwide; he's always traveling to them, or order through his website!

Also, while we're not friends, I fell in love with the work of this LA-based artist, Vivian Shih, and just ordered a print of this, though all her stuff is so gorgeous, it was hard to choose.



Dear Kodak,

Shout out for Sunset Peonies, an etsy store with lots of beautiful art.

~A writer related to the owner


Dear Kodak,

I love this too! My friend Elise runs an Etsy shop called Speckled Crane Ceramics, and it's lovely. She does custom stuff, too. I am a sucker for a good vase that can hold a lot of stems but isn't just run-of-the-mill glass, and she does cute berry bowls and condiment bowls and cereal bowls and ... lots of kinds of bowls. Haha. She also makes a hardcore nativity set and some cute elephant jewelry holder thingos.

I also am so into this Etsy shop, Eunice-Eustace Designs, run by my friend Tamsen. It's hard for me to find baby clothes that I love! (I do not like baby clothes that say cheesy things like "Mommy's Little Rascal" or "Daddy's Princess" or ... whatever... and Tamsen and I are birds of a feather in this way.) Her onesies and kid shirts are clever and random and fun and not crazy expensive, and she does custom work too (which, I am a sucker for custom.) Each of my kids has worn her "NEW" onesies at the hospital and has theirs tucked away in a baby book, and who doesn't enjoy a good vintage campaign shirt on a baby? It's pretty much a no-brainer.

My friend Crystal just put out this awesome book, Awesome Science Experiments for Kids. It's really well organized and I use it a lot for my 3yo and his friends. Also it's so pretty, and honestly I even learn from it when I use it because I have to be prepared to answer kid questions when we're in the middle of one of her projects.

My friend Summer paints gorgeous renditions of kid art, called Fine Doodles. They're incredible, and they really speak for themselves, so just click the link.

I love using friends who provide services as well as products, but those are usually location-specific (photographers, anyone?) and wouldn't make a lot of sense to list here.




Dear Ko the face-stealer,

My friend builds and modifies homemade nerf guns here. So if you're into nerf guns, you should check it out.



Dear Granny,

Hi. I don't actually have an Etsy (or similar) store set up at the moment because being a mom of two babies and having a full-time job is already more than I can handle, but I do make custom cake toppers (or just figurines) and would love to make more this summer when I am less a full-time job and more a mom. For samples, here is my own personal cake topper:

azriel topper rotated.jpg