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Question #91321 posted on 06/09/2018 9:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I know many of you are Brandon Sanderson fans. Does anyone have any cool Cosmere theories or interpretations?

-I am a stick


Dear stick,

Spoilers for the Cosmere as a whole (but mostly the Mistborn series and Stormlight Archive) throughout my answer.

One of the things I love about the Cosmere is that it's so ridiculously Mormon. For example:

  • The whole series, but so far especially Warbreaker and Mistborn, deals with humans becoming gods and gods who were once human.
  • In Mistborn, unbeknownst to society, most religious texts that have been corrupted by the machinations of a supernatural evil being, and the only trustworthy texts are the ones written on metal plates.
  • Sazed specifically in his interactions with Wax: a god who is limited by law and seems bitterly unfair in the episode with Lessie, until Wax understands things from the correct perspective, after which he wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Both Preservation and Ruin were necessary for the creation of life: opposition in all things, anyone?
  • There's a physical realm and a cognitive realm but everything is matter in both of them.
  • The climax of Words of Radiance is the moment when Kaladin rejects moral relativism, repents of his sins, and is willing to sacrifice himself--at which point he is saved by divine intervention.
  • The climax of Oathbringer is the moment when Dalinar embraces his agency and his need for redemption, and these are major and blindingly Mormon themes of the book.
  • I'd say Dalinar is Joseph Smith because he's so obviously a prophet restoring lost truth (he sees visions of god, translates ancient religious texts, and as a consequence is in conflict with the religious establishment of his day for crying out loud). Except that personality-wise he's closer to 110% Brigham Young with a giant sword, leading his people off into the wilderness thanks to his prophetic vision.
My pet Cosmere suspicion (doesn't quite arrive at being a theory) is that the whole thing is going to turn out to be even more Mormon than we can currently appreciate. As we find out more about Hoid, Adonalsium, the Shattering, and Realmatic theory, we will see even more about themes like agency, human apotheosis, opposition in all things, prophets, and Mormon cosmology, and the list above will expand dramatically.
If you add up all the fractional subconscious conversions he's responsible for, Brandon Sanderson is probably one of the best missionaries for the Church's worldview in the world. 

~Professor Kirke


Dear I ~

Definite spoilers here. You have been warned.

I'm curious if the second half of the Stormlight books will actually be reclaiming the Tranquiline Halls. But, turns out, the Tranquiline Halls are actually Damnation. And it's not dead people fighting, as they believe, but life people who have figured out world hopping. OR! Maybe it is the dead people. And all the people we think we're done with (*cough* Sadeas. Amaram. *cough*) are going to come back and be thorns in our side again.

Ok, the more I think about how to answer this, the more I realize I have far more questions than theories. SO MANY QUESTIONS. I know I have had theories previously, but I just can't dredge them up right now. Sorry! (But if you want to discuss questions and possible answers, which I suppose can be considered theories, let me know.)

~ Dragon Lady


Dear stick,

Here's my chemtrail, Elvis lives conspiracy theory: So, Braize is Damnation. We found out Odium's name is Rayse. What's the other name that fits the pattern? Mraize. He's more than just some Ghostblood bro. He's Odium's human alter ego! Soon, all will be revealed!

- Eirene


Dear brown and sticky,



Okay, are we alone? I hope so.

I'm deeply, deeply suspicious of Kelsier. I do not think that his dabbling in Hemalurgy will go well and I'm pretty sure he's going to end up as an antagonist down the line. He scares me worse than just about anyone else in the cosmere.

-Inverse Insomniac