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Question #91324 posted on 06/01/2018 10:36 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

LaCroix or Nah?

-Frère Rubik is slowly building up a tolerance to it so that it cannot be used against him by his enemies


Dear Frere,

LaCroix is good for like 1/2 of a can, but after that it’s just not that good. 




Dear Rubik,

Once upon a time there was a very evil person who decided to take the worst part of soda and the worst part of water and mix them into a single drink and that's how sparkling water was born the end.



Dear Rubik,

The best method for you here is to, instead of building tolerance to La Croix, find a sparkling water you like more and then lord it over those wee baby La Croix lovers who don't know any better. I think bubly is fun (Pepsi is HEAVILY marketing it right now so I imagine you've seen it around) and there are a few versions of Dasani that are nice. For a not fully-true "sparkling water" (it has some fruit juice added) I really love spindrift

Peace and elitist smugness await you, my friend. Go on and conquer.



Dear Frère ~

Once upon a time my dad had open heart surgery, so all of my siblings and mom got together at the U of U hospital for the all-day waiting while they cut open my dad's chest. I don't recommend this as a family gathering technique, btw, but it seems to be the most effective method for my siblings.

My oldest brother (Brother Sr.) brought LaCroix, which most of us had never heard of, and there was an unfortunate incident where someone thought it said La Crotch, and the ensuing jokes that followed have not given me any reason to want to even try it.

Honestly, I didn't even really know what it was until this question. So, it's basically lightly-flavored carbonated water?

I don't like carbonation, so either way, I guess... nah.

~ Dragon Lady


Dear FR,

Very yes. 

With the onset of Age and Wisdom and Sensory Degradation, I have suddenly realized that...

  • Most food is too bland
  • Most TV is too stupid
  • Soft drinks are too sweet

Don't get me wrong, La Croix jokes are great (e.g. "La Croix is like drinking carbonated water while someone in the other room screams out the name of a flavor," or "La Croix is what would be served in a dystopian future where emotions are outlawed."). But if you can just get it through your skulls of varying thickness that...

  • Not everything is for everyone
  • It's fine if you don't like this
  • It's not trying to be soda. If you want soda, go get a soda

... then everyone is going to be just fine.

- Rating Pending (who would say, top 4 flavors, YES FLAVORS, would be coconut, passion fruit, grapefruit, mango)


Dear person,

NOPE NOPE bad memories of chugging one on a dare.



Dear Frere,

I had never heard about La Croix until my friend showed me all these: 


And then I got an ad on Facebook for La Croix-themed swimsuits (that weren’t that great), which really made all this hype about Facebook listening to my life all the more real and creepy. 

Anyway, I probably won't try the drink, or the swimsuits. 

-Auto Surf


Dear you,

I have drunk it. It's not very good.

~Anne, Certainly


Dear freer,

I actually really like La Croix and flavored seltzer water in general. But, do I make jokes about La Croix anyway? Absolutely.

Keep it real,
Sherpa Dave


Dear Frénemy,

Remember when I shared a couple cases of La Croix at that Board party? Everyone was very nice about it and I'm grateful they were willing to try it. You are so far the only one to realize that I was in fact scoping out enemies. 

I like carbonated water. Perrier brings me joy. Carbonated water with a flavor to it isn't really a stretch after that. Just stop thinking it's soda. It's water that is also bubbly. 

Flavored sparkling water is also great for mixing with things that are already flavored and sugary. Grapefruit Izze with a little bit of the cucumber DRY is freaking incredible. Granted, DRY is slightly more sweetened than La Croix. 

Flog me or join me but I dig it. 



Dear Herr Rubik,

It appears that I'm in the minority here in that I really like La Croix.  I just took this picture of my refrigerator. 



I'm less embarrassed by the amount of various kinds of La Croix in my fridge, than I am by the general lack other food and condiments in my fridge. I suppose this could be the prime example of what the inside of a bachelor's fridge looks like including a pizza box on the top shelf, just out of frame.

I sure hope this helps. Please don't hate (or judge) me.

- Brutus