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Question #91330 posted on 06/07/2018 11:12 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

President Nelson's still a new-ish prophet: for those who'd like to get to know him:

What's your favorite talk he's given?
What's your favorite story he's told?
What's your favorite teaching he's emphasized?
What's your favorite fact about him?

(Feel free to answer all or just some)

-Follow the Prophet :)


Dear you,

My favorite talk.

Favorite teaching is his emphasis on becoming connected to Jesus Christ and following the Spirit.

Favorite fact is that he and his wife had to sell their blood to make it through school.

-Sunday Night Banter


Dear Follow,

I loved President Nelson's first conference: everything he said, across the board.

My favorite fact is that he skis most Mondays, thus leading to Elder Anderson's remark that "President Nelson, at age 93, is in amazing health. We hope he will be with us for another decade or two, but for now we are trying to persuade him to stay off the ski slopes."

~Professor Kirke


Dear Disciple,

Honestly I love his similarities and differences with Pres. Monson. Pres. Monson was an apostle for most of his life so he didn't accomplish much that might make him world renowned while Pres. Nelson has done many, many things in the medical world to make him a world renowned figure (see Tally's post below). Both of them are incredibly kind and thoughtful. I love that God chose both of these men even though they have fairly different backgrounds and even though the world may not recognize one very much (like the NYT obituary for Pres. Monson) God recognizes them both and made both of them very important in His work.

It is just a testament to me that God sees all we do, whether it's in secret or in the public view. I'm excited to see what what doors are opened because Pres. Nelson has traveled the world and is renowned for things other than religion. 



Dear Doctor,

He's pretty awesome. I like that he has perfect pitch and plays piano.

-Tally M.