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Question #91332 posted on 06/05/2018 11 p.m.

Dear Ladies of the 100 Hour Board,

What are your go-to, holy grail makeup products (if you have any)?

-cake face


Dear Cake,

I work at a beauty magazine! I focus mainly on hair, but I have the opportunity to try so many different makeup products it's actually overwhelming. Here's a list of my favorite from in each category:

  • FaceIT Cosmetics CC+ Cream. I use it as an all-purpose foundation/coverup/concealer. It's thick and creamy but goes on super light. You don't have to use much at all; the tube will last months, and it has SPF 50! I've made so many of my friends switch to this, and none have gone back. It's just so good. I recommend applying with a wet foundation blender, like Beautyblender, to make the application extremely light. It doesn't feel like you have an inch of cream on your face.
  • EyeshadowThe Urban Decay Naked Palettes. The Smoky Palette is my personal favorite, but it's really up to which colors you prefer. Also, I strongly discourage purchasing Morphe palettes. They're expensive, yet the worst eyeshadow I've ever used.
  • LipstickNARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencils would be my one choice if I could only wear one product for the rest of my life. I could give sermons on how incredible this line is. The color is super-pigmented and does not smudge! You can make out and it will not transfer to your partner! It's AMAZING. And it seems a little pricey, but I've had a Cruella pencil for almost a year and a half, and it's still not out. And I wear it probably three times a week and get compliments every single time. Cruella is a classic red; you cannot go wrong with it, though get whatever color you prefer.
  • Mascara—this I can't really weigh in on. I have really terrible contact dermatitis, and there are only about 2 mascaras without the chemicals I'm allergic to. Otherwise I'd turn into Sloth. So I use Wet N Wild MegaLength. It's $3 and fine, but you could probably find *much* better quality, so long as you're not allergic to the world.
  • Eyeliner (liquid)—Like mascara, I don't have a ton of options available to me. So, I use Maybelline Studio Master Precise, and it's good! Doesn't smudge, and is decently affordable.
  • Eyeliner (pencil)—Urban Decay Glide-On Eye Pencil. It's just really good. Doesn't smudge much.
  • Nail Polish—I know it's not technically makeup, but I will take any opportunity I have to preach about OPI's Infinite Shine line. It's a hybrid polish, which means it's three steps, and you have to use the system. You just need one top coat, one base coat, and then as many colors as you want. Because it's halfway in between a lacquer and a gel, it'll last forever. Technically they say 11 days minimum, but I've worn it for much longer without chipping. 

Hope this helps!



Dear you,

Copying format from Ace: A lot of these aren't true Holy Grails in the sense that I'd never leave them for anything! But here's some stuff I use and thoughts.

  • Foundation (powder): BareMinerals Original is nice for lighter coverage that still helps even tone. 
  • Light/Alternate to Foundation (BB/Tinted moisturizer): I like Maybelline Dream BB Pure, but wish it had SPF. The salicylic acid is a nice feature for the acne-fighting, but especially in Arizona summers it means that wearing this makes me more likely to burn. (Might try the "Fresh" version, which does have SPF, and see if it's otherwise similar.)
  • Blush: I got this Tarte kit for Christmas, so right now I'm using these blushes.
  • Highlighter: I was wanting an Amrezy highlighter forever and couldn't get one because by the time I decided to just buy it Ulta and Sephora were out and I decided I didn't want enough to buy it online. Instead I bought the Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter. Smells great, nice texture.
  • Eyeshadow: I like the eyeshadow in the previously-linked Tarte kit. That plus one of Tarte's Clay Play palettes are my current go-tos for eyeshadow palettes, though I also have some singles or other stuff I'll use sometimes.
  • Lipstick: I actually don't mind Ulta's brand of lipstick, and I have a couple of those. I also like Tarte's tarteist lip paints.
  • Mascara: I don't have an HG mascara. Probably ought to try the Too Faced one. You know, Better Than *Cuddles*
  • Eyeliner: Don't really have an HG, though I've used Almay's liquid liner for years. It's wayyyy far from waterproof, but it looks nice. I like it in brown.
Also, this isn't a makeup recommendation, but if you're interested in reading more makeup recommendations on the internet, I recommend Temptalia. She has tons of reviews and it's nice to be able to have someone's thoughts on products I'm potentially interested in or ideas on what products to try in various categories.
~Anne, Certainly

Dear Face,

The other writers give great suggestions, so I'll keep mine short and simple (also I pretty much only wear mascara and eyeliner most days, so you probably don't want my other suggestions): the best mascara I've ever used is Perversion from Urban Decay. It's pricey, but holy cow it makes your lashes look amazing, and is far superior to the cheapo mascaras you can get at any pharmacy or grocery store.



Cake face,

I used to do a whole brouhaha for my makeup routine and I have since given up. To be honest, a ton of guys (okay like three?) will comment on how little I'm wearing and I can tell they dig it. I basically just do primer, BB cream, eyelid primer, eye-shadow, and mascara. My routine products are my go to Solidly Alright™ category. I'm happy with their performance based on how much time and money I can afford to invest everyday. 

makeup routine.jpg

Primer: Maybelline, Master Prime. The green one?

BB Cream: Garnier and Maybelline. Garnier has great coverage but is a bit cakey. I mix it with a bit of the Maybelline to balance it out.

Eyelid primer: elf

Eyeshadow: Maybelline, the Nudes; Sephora's Vintage Filter, and a random nice darkish pink color I love. Clinique I think?

That's the daily! Sometimes I spring for eyeliner. When I use eyeliner it's this.

There are two holy grail products. They really are incredible but I only really use them when I'm feeling extra. I'm still running on the free samples I got but I would totally buy them when I run out. They go on perfect and stay on almost all day (or as long as I care to be out.) They are all I could ask for in a liquid liner or a lip color. 

Sephora's Cream Lip Stain I have Always Red (01) and it's the actually best classic red lipstick I've ever tried. Definitely benefits from a bit of lip-liner though.

Kat Von B Tattoo Liner If they had this in a dark matte purple I would cry. 

When my skin is bad I use Bare Minerals instead of BB cream. 

If I'm going to splurge on any makeup product I always check eBay first. I know it sounds sketch, and sometimes it is. But it usually curbs the price from "I am an irresponsible dunce" to "Treat yoself."



Dear you,

I absolutely ADORE Lush shampoo bars. They're waste free, which is the biggest draw for me, but if you have fine hair like I do, you don't need conditioner anymore because they come with moisturizing ingredients like argan oil.

I also love NYX Worth the Hype mascara. These are the longest, fullest, and most clump-free lashes I've ever had, and it's $8.