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Question #91333 posted on 05/22/2018 6 p.m.

Dear The Board,

I'm going to assume you're all familiar with the mnemonic "lefty loosey, righty tighty," which is commonly used to figure out which way something unscrews. In an attempt to help myself remember which way to turn the wand on my blinds I adapted the saying to "lefty lurky (shuts out light), righty lighty (lets light in)." My question is this: do you have any mnemonics you've made up to help you as you go about your day? And can you think of a better one for my blinds than "lefty lurky, righty lighty"?

-Nellie Bly


Dear Nellie,

There are separate hot and cold knobs in my shower and I always have to think "Inside Out" which means "Turn them toward the INSIDE to get OUT of the shower." If I don't, I sometimes end up turning off one but not the other and scalding myself.


The Man with a Mustache


Dear Nellie Bly,

I feel like I have a ton of everyday mnemonics, but I can only think of three right now:

  • Right Light = the right switch by the sink is for the light, the left switch is for the garbage disposal
  • Billy Bob Wants a Dog, Nobody Owens Prefers T-Rexes = first letters of what needs to go in the diaper bag before heading out
  • If the subject is repeated, a comma is needed. = to remember to use a comma between two independent clauses



Dear Nellie ~

There is a saying, "Less is more."

As a kid, I could never remember what side of the plate the fork was supposed to be on. I knew the fork was alone and the knife and spoon went together. Once, while setting, I asked my mom, and she said the fork was on the left. Trying to figure out a way to remember it, that phrase popped into my head, and I was going to remember left is more, but then that didn't work, because there were fewer utensils on the left. So I creatively decided, "Left is not always more." 

I still think that every time I set a table.

~ Dragon Lady


Dear N,

Disney World is in the New World "discovered" by Columbus. Disney Land is in the land we took from Mexico. I could honestly never remember which was which until I realized this.



Dear necromancer,

When I lived in Australia I used the "left hand rule" to figure out which way cars were coming from when crossing the street. Then when got back to the states I had to use the right hand rule to figure it out. Still do, in fact.