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Question #91339 posted on 05/23/2018 11:24 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So porn stars get paid to have sex, right? And prostitution is illegal in most states. So, why is it legal for pro porn people to get paid to have sex but it's illegal for prostitutes to get paid to have sex?

-seems weird


Dear Seems,

Mico's got your actual question covered, I just wanted to point out that "pro porn people" casts a far wider net than people who actually act in pornographic films. 



Dear isn't it all a little weird,

I knew this sounded familiar -- I answered this question 6 years ago! And Lady Doomfiyah chimed in with additional information. And you know what else is weird? 5 years before that, Katya and St. Jerome answered this question, too!

I'll bet good money that 5 years from now, someone else will wonder again. Doesn't make the question any less valid, I'm just impressed by this very consistent timing.



Dear seems weird,

Just as a quick P.S. the more respectful and preferred nomenclature is sex worker instead of prostitute.

Words matter.

-Art Vandelay c/o Walter Sobchak