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Question #91350 posted on 05/23/2018 9:36 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

FamilySearch has a "memories" feature in which you can upload family memories. According to the website below, it says these memories are stored "within the FamilySearch vaults." This doesn't mean within the Granite Mountain Records Vault, right? I don't expect my "family memory" photos to be backed up in that vault but I just want to make sure my intuition is correct.

-My Name Here


Dear My ~

Fun fact! They recently remodeled the Granite Mountain Vault with a server farm, so your family photo memories are, in fact, stored in the Granite Mountain Records Vault itself! Don’t you feel so special now? Warm fuzzies all around. Awww.

~ Dragon Lady

PS - I was with you. I figured they were just using a fancy word for servers. But instead of answering with a guess, I went to my Family Search sources (did you know I worked last year putting digital images from the GMRV online for all to access?) and they set me straight. Thanks for asking!