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Question #91352 posted on 06/14/2018 11:34 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Any luck with your predictions? Any for next year?

-actually not yayfulness


Dear Doctor,

Last year's predictions:

  • I will be pregnant. False. I have been pregnant. I happened to have the baby before Alumni week.
  • I will have a calling in the Primary. False. I got released about a month ago. I actually asked to be released, since with all of the various health issues I've had (mental and physical), I'm not able to reliably go to all of church.
  • I will have actually coded at least two of the app ideas I have stored away. Definitely false. It's been a crazy year.
  • I will probably still be involved with the Board. True! 

This year's predictions:

  • I will be regularly using our new deep freezer to pre-prep meals.
  • I will have figured out the right medication for me to take.
  • I will have finished at least one of my tech projects.
  • I will have completed my family's inventory.

-Tally M.


Dear not me but now nobody will believe me if I say it,

Here's what I wrote last year:

In the world at large, I desperately hope suspect that the worldwide tide of nationalism has hit its high-water mark already. Macron will win the French election. Democrats will be set to make significant gains in the House of Representatives here in the US. (Labour is still probably going to be stuck in a freefall in the UK, but you can't win everything everywhere.) Trump won't be impeached, though; he's functioning as a generic albeit highly amateur and unstable Republican, and his base still loves him, and that's enough for the party to prefer to keep him around.

In my personal/academic life, by next alumni week I should be a few months away from graduation. And also I'll go out on a limb and predict that child #1 will have progressed from "concept" to "some sort of physical entity."

Overall, not too bad. I was completely wrong about the outcome of the UK snap elections last summer, and yayfulgirl and I are still very definitely not parents or impending parents. But overall, it turns out that being vague with your predictions is a really great way to also be correct.

Being vague is also a really great way to be boring.

So here are some more specific predictions for next year.

Personal predictions:

  • I will still be working in some capacity for the county.
  • My hair will still be shoulder-length. My wife will still tolerate my bad judgment.
  • I will have played the bass guitar in public at least once. (Likely? No. But maybe predicting it will encourage me to actually do it.)
  • I will travel outside the US for the first time since my mission.

Predictions for the rest of the world:

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story will be much better than I expected (not that that's all that hard, given how low my expectations got).
  • Democrats will narrowly win the House and narrowly lose the Senate this fall.
  • Trump will still be Trump and still be in office. He might fire Mueller, but even if he does the newly-flipped House will take up the torch and investigate him instead.
  • Meanwhile, evidence that the Trump campaign and administration are hilariously, incompetently corrupt will continue to pile up. Republicans will ignore it because it doesn't suit their narrative. Democrats will ignore it because they are too jaded to care. A few heads will roll in the administration, but fundamentally nothing will change.
  • We will still have no conclusive evidence that the Pee Tape is real, but Trump will continue going out of his way to be nicer to Russia than to anyone else.
  • North Korea will, predictably, decide that giving up its nuclear weapons in exchange for a deal with a country infamous for breaking deals and deposing de-nuked autocrats isn't a fair trade. Against the urging of John Bolton and the like, Trump will sign The Iran Deal, But Without All The Good Parts with North Korea so that he can claim a political win and complain about not getting the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • The Iran situation will deteriorate further, but (I really, really, really hope) stop somewhere short of actual war.
  • Myanmar will continue to slaughter the Rohingya and Saudi Arabia will continue to bomb and starve Yemen, and nobody will do anything about it. If either country decides that they've finished committing genocide, the world might get around to saying how sad we are and how it's a regrettable situation and we won't let it happen again, again, once it's too late, but most likely we'll all go on ignoring it as usual.
  • At least one person will be murdered by a QAnon conspiracy theorist.
  • I will continue to write horribly depressing predictions because I'm apparently very pessimistic about the world?

Alright world, time to get out there and prove me wrong! (Except not about the no war with Iran part. Please don't prove me wrong about that.)



Dear actually ~

Predictions from last year (for 2018):

  • I will know for a surety if my family will remain a family of 5 or not.
    • True. My family will remain a family of 5. (Unless God wills otherwise.)
  • Dragon Baby will be finishing up THIRD GRADE and will finally have enough confidence to do things without me.
    • Mostly true. Her confidence has soared and does do things without me, but I am still very much her safe zone, and if she's at all insecure or sad, will beg to stay with me.
  • Niffler Baby will have probably discovered that boys are more fun to tease and play with.
    • Mostly true. She is far more willing to play with boys now. She does sometimes still want to hang out with the girls, but she no longer things boys are completely icky.
  • Yellow 2.0 will have mellowed in temper and be my sweet, fun boy again. He will still be obsessed with cars, trains, firetrucks, and monsters. Perhaps we'll add dinosaurs to the list?
    • Thank heavens true. He is my sweet, fun boy again. Terrible twos are past and Threenager has also passed without much fanfare. 
  • I will have at least two more stamps in my passport.
    • I forget if last year's Alumni Reunion was before or after my first Nicaragua trip. If before, true. If after, false. I currently have two Nicaragua stamps in my passport.
  • We will be planning another epic family vacation.
    • Does Legoland count as epic? If so, true.
  • I will have gone to one of the Harry Potter theme parks.
    • False. But there is a tentative plan to remedy that this fall.
  • Niffler Baby will have read the first Harry Potter book and loved it. (Please? Oh please?)
    • Mostly true. She has listened to the first book, read by Jim Dale. She did like it. But she doesn't love it as much as I would hope yet, so I'm content not pushing the rest of the books on her yet.
  • I will be at least halfway done with at least one more Harry Potter quilt (probably my brother's)
    • Partly true. I have figured out the actual design—which items/elements, placement, and which books I will embroider/HTV/paint titles on, and which titles. I think that may be the hardest part. I have 5 full blocks done, and 3 elements. From here on I plan on making just elements first, then I'll choose book colors and fill in the gaps to balance it. So, probably not halfway. But a good start. (And yes, it's on my brother's.)
  • I will have earned my Personal Progress medallion.
    • [sigh] False. But I'm closer!
  • America will not have imploded. I pray.
    • So far, true. But that doesn't mean we're walking away from it either.
  • A new political party will begin to emerge to represent those people who feel like the Republican party has left them.
    • True, but I don't know how well known it is yet.

Predictions from 2018 for 2019:

  • Dragon Baby will be crushing on all the boys.
  • Niffler Baby will be reading books like crazy.
  • Yellow 2.0 will be anxiously anticipating kindergarten.
  • I will be anxiously anticipating half day freedom.
  • I will maybe have a job?
  • Brother's Harry Potter quilt will be done. (Please?)
  • I will have earned my Personal Progress medallion.
  • I will feel confident in my housekeeping skills.
  • New [Dragon Lady] will feel like an old friend instead of a new, novel person.
  • I will have plans for another international trip. Iceland? Norway? Spain? Germany?

~ Dragon Lady


Dear Ava,

I didn't make predictions last year but I want to make predictions for this year:

  • Graduate in December
  • Apply and get into grad school
  • Still be baby hungry but not pregnant
  • Husband will graduate and get a job
  • Move out of Provo
  • Buy a Bernina sewing machine



Dear readers,

Just so we're clear, the person who asked this question is not yayfulness, but the person who asked this question is also not not yayfulness.

I, meanwhile, am not yayfulness, but I am also not yayfulness.

It's pretty simple when you think about it.

-not yayfulness


Dear person,

I haven't done this before so can't check on previous predictions. So here are my starters, things I predict will happen before next alumni week.

1. The first draft of my dissertation will be complete. This is a big prediction as I haven't started yet, but maybe it will be motivating.  

2. I will have beaten Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

3. I'll have all new roommates.

4. I'll be first author on a legit article.

We will see.