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Question #91361 posted on 05/25/2018 1:54 a.m.

Dear ladies of the 100 Hour Board,

Where do you find modest swimming suits? How about inexpensive swimsuits? Please list as many stores as you can think of!!

-Haven't gone swimming in over 18 months


Dear swimmer, 

I use competition Speedos mostly for swimming laps, but they occasionally have cute patterns I like and get for normal suits. Buy them in the off season for big discounts. 

Target is usually my go to for lounging suits. My current favorite suit I got like 3 years ago and it has held up really well. 

I bought a suit off of Amazon for the first time a few weeks ago. It was cheap, which was nice, but not exactly what I wanted. I'll keep it to tan, but that's about it. I always look at the pictures of people in the suits so I can get a better idea of what they look like on real people. 

My mom also swears by Lands End and shops there exclusively. They have quite a few styles and cute designs!

Downeast also has a good collection that you can look through.

In my opinion, it's worth spending more on a suit you love than buying a new, cheap suit every year once it falls apart. Keep your suit in good shape by hand washing it or washing it on a delicate cycle, line/hang drying it, and avoiding sitting on concrete and rough surfaces that can pick at the bottom.


posted on 05/26/2018 1:48 p.m.
If you sew, another option is to sew your own. Simple tanks or tankinis are easy to adjust to your own modesty and are surprisingly easy. Swimsuit fabric runs from about $4/yd at "mill end" stores to $25-45/yd online. Start with cheap fabric until you get what you're after, then spring for more expensive fabric if you want. Patterns are available from the Big 4 companies and from lots of indie designers online. There are lots of tutorials online, too.