Most of the shadows in this life are caused by standing in one's own sunshine. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Question #91370 posted on 05/25/2018 2:18 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Have you ever had a brush with the supernatural? I.e. something happened to you that you can't explain (religious experiences don't count). If so, doooo telllll

-Inverse Insomniac


Dear II,

I once brushed my teeth with a toothbrush shaped like a ghost. Does that count as a brush with the supernatural?

-Genuine Article


Dear you,

When I was in 11th grade sitting in physics, I turned the page of my notebook to find the next page splattered with a damp, red stain. Being the Sherlock Holmes wannabe that I was, I instantly checked under my notebook, around my desk, everyone around me, my fingers and hands, and even the ceiling to look for any traces of anything red. Nothing. I wasn't bleeding anywhere, my desk was completely dry, no red stuff was oozing from the ceiling, all my friends looked at me perplexed when I asked if they were bleeding or eating anything with jam...the red stuff on my notebook had appeared out of nowhere. Perhaps someone was eating jam across the room and accidentally shot some my direction? Maybe someone had a bloody nose and had sneezed near me? But while I tried to think up the possible explanations for that strange red stain, I couldn't deny that there was no one eating anything in the classroom, let alone jam, and no one had a bloody nose nor had sneezed in the past several minutes.

My hypothesis that it was jam was disproved a few minutes later, when the red stain dried into a brownish stain, proving that I indeed had blood on my notebook. Not just blood, but fresh blood. 

Honestly, it didn't freak me out, just left me incredible confused. Where did the blood come from? Did I have a rare condition where I randomly bled without feeling or being aware of it? If it was a ghost trying to communicate from the other side, what the dickens were they trying to communicate?

I can't say it was a brush with the supernatural, but it was super weird, and I still have no idea where that blood came from.

-guppy of doom


Dear Mort,

Today I was giving my students a Plicker quiz and suddenly “Guest 45” showed up on the student list. Not only did Guest show up, but Guest also answered the question. Without a card! The next question Guest was gone. My room has been haunted by a technology ghost for at least the two years I have been in there, but now I guess my ghost has a name!




I have tried so fricking hard but nothing compelling has ever happened. I spent the night in my friend's haunted house. We were told that if the bed started shaking or we felt anything grab us to hit the covers with a stick and we would be left in peace. The girl I shared the bed with felt something grab her leg but I slept like a baby. 

However, when we first got there we all sat down in the living room. We were all pretty settled so there wasn't a lot of motion going on in the house. But someone made a little joke about the spirits there and we heard a cup fall off the dish-rack in the kitchen. Like I said, it's really not compelling. But it was right when we mentioned the ghosts and none of us were moving around enough to definitely trigger the fall. 

Also one time there was definitely a permanent stain on my brother's shoe. We couldn't tell what it was but like three or four people saw it, touched it, tried to rub it off. The next time he wore the shoes it was completely gone. Not supernatural but just so so weird. 



Dear Sleeps Well?,

At night my husband and I enjoy taking walks in our local Civil War cemetary. It's supposed to be deeply haunted, but we've only noticed the gate closes on its own at nightfall, even on still nights. If it IS a ghost, it sure is a punctual and polite one.