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Question #91375 posted on 06/14/2018 11:42 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What determines your culture? Where you grew up, the color of your skin, your ancestors, what you have studied, how you identify, or some of each?

-Cowboy Hat


Dear bulette,

Definitely just one of those things.

But seriously though, in my mind it's nigh impossible to pick apart culture into its constituent parts because all those things are so interconnected.



Dear Doctor,

I grew up in Minnesota, but neither of my parents did. This meant that I didn't completely feel like I was a part of Minnesota culture, though that's changed somewhat since I left. When I started learning Finnish and then went to Finland, however, I felt like I was home more than I ever had. A huge part of that for me was the food, since Finnish foods that were comfort foods to me were easily available in their grocery stores. The biggest cultural influences I had were definitely the Finnish influences, especially because they were so different from the other influences around me.

Not exactly sure where I'm going with this, but for me, the culture I identify with the most is based on the cultural exposure I had that was unique from those around me.

-Tally M.