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Question #91376 posted on 05/25/2018 11:54 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

should I get a class ring? will it ever be worth it?

-My Name Here


Dear Tiffany,

If you want it, get it. In my opinion, it’s not worth it, but for some people it would be. 



Dear My ~

I got one. I wore it for years. Then I stopped and put it in a box to keep it safe. I have no clue where that box is now, though I'm sure if I dug for it I would find it. But I'm also certain it wouldn't fit me.

[shrug] It's fun, but it likely won't be a long-term fun.

~ Dragon Lady


Dear MNH,

A friend of mine was wearing his class ring at work and had the following conversation with an assistant or a secretary or someone:

Her: I like your ring. Is it an antique?

Him: It's my class ring from high school, so...

Her: So, that's a yes?


The joke is that he is old. 


I can't stand wearing jewelry; I don't even wear a wedding ring. At some level I just can't relate to the premise of your question: will it be worth it? Jewelry serves no discernible purpose, so I can't imagine wearing it and being in any situation where it's like, whew, good thing I wore this ring, it makes the $X I spent totally worth it. So no, I don't think a class ring is worth it. 

-Genuine Article


Dear reader,

I don't think I've ever noticed anyone wearing a class ring in public - as I understand it, they used to be a big deal culturally, but most people don't care much anymore. I never really wanted one. I've never regretted not getting one. That said, if it feels important to you, go for it!