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Question #91381 posted on 05/26/2018 2:12 a.m.

Dear The Soulful Ginger,

Your enthusiasm for The Kingkiller Chronicles is part of the reason I picked up The Name of the Wind (and really enjoyed it, I might add). Has your ardor for these books cooled at all, or are you still in love with them? Do you still have hope for a third book? Can the plot even be finished in one book? There seems to be a consensus that writing this story doesn't bring Rothfuss happiness anymore, and that it has become a point of stress and contention in his life. Some people recognize this and are vocal about his right to leave things where they are if he wishes. Others argue that he has made a sort of contract with his readers and that he should do his utmost to give us a conclusion. What are your thoughts on that debate? How sad would you be if we were never able to see a conclusion to Kvothe's story? How excited are you for the TV show and Lin-Manuel Miranda's involvement?

Those are a lot of questions, so don't feel obligated to answer them all, but I would to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

-Rita Booke



I'm just flying by even though this question wasn't asked to me because I just wanted to say that I love this series and long for the day when the third book will be released because the writing is amazing and I know I'll enjoy the prose as much as the story and that's all.


Humble Master


Dear Kvothe, 

Has my enthusiasm for The Kingkiller Chronicles decreased? Has my ardour for the Name of the Wind died!?! DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE TALKING TO?!?!?!

I now own five copies of The Name of the Wind so if you need to borrow a copy...

Anyways, I still believe that the third book will come...someday... Sometimes I have hope and sometimes I do not have hope... But to be perfectly honest, I don't care about when the book comes out as long as it is the beautiful book I know that Patrick Rothfuss can write. I can be patient because I love these books and that is what you do when you love something. 

In regards to the movie/TV show/video game, he and Lin are creating, it will probably be the second best thing ever (the first of course being The Name of the Wind). 

The Soulful Ginger 


Dear Rita,

I'm another person who has pledged my love for NOTW on the Board in the past. And while I do love the series and Pat... I'm worried there won't be a book three. I'm worried that Pat's mental struggles plus his never-ending list of side projects has put book three on an indefinite hiatus. I'm worried because there has been practically no news for seven years. And yes, I worry that there's too much story left for a single book, so even if book three does come, what if it necessitates a book four and another 7+ year wait?

I will feel a bit cheated if Pat never finishes, but I understand that he's a human being. I know I wouldn't want to put out a finished product that was anything less than perfect, so I don't want him to write something just to satisfy the readers if it doesn't fulfill his vision. So I'll wait, and I'll hope, and thankfully there are a lot of other books to read in the meantime.