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Question #91384 posted on 06/09/2018 8:24 p.m.

Dear Anathema,

Tell me a story about your latest adventure, or your most exciting planned adventure.

-Rainbow connection


 Dear Rain,

Of adventures, I shall tell you three:

The first is the adventure of the day. It is the rising sun catching the clouds with gold, lavender suffusing the air with delicate fragrance, and working in a room with a window peeking out into the blue, boundless sky, framed by trees reaching their greening boughs heavenward. It is the road stretching on before me as I walk through the countryside with my father.


Simply, it is the adventure of breathing in the life that fills my experience, characterized by a hope for such things as paint streaked dawns laced with morning blue clouds.


The second adventure is the adventure of progressing. It is learning how to bake challah bread on a Sunday afternoon's whim.


It is developing the strength and balance to flow through yoga poses.


It is the adventure that comes with new capacity.


The last adventure is the adventure of anticipation. It is the excitement of planning to see at least some portion of the wondrous scenes of Earth.



This adventure will be realized in July.