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Question #91391 posted on 05/26/2018 3:48 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

This has been asked before, but I find these kinds of things change frequently.

1. Do you listen to podcasts?
2. What are your favorites?
3. Particularly those of you with children, when do you listen to your podcasts?

-Podcasts are the AM radio of today, and I love them.


Dear AM,

1. Yes!

2. I have a bunch of podcasts on my phone right now, but it's hard to find time to listen, so I listen pretty spottily. Some of the ones I've listened to lately are The Buttpod (Brent Butt, of Corner Gas), NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, ID10T with Chris Hardwick (sometimes there's lots of language on that one, but his interview style is incredible), Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd (same), Welcome to Night Vale, Slow Burn: A Podcast about Watergate (I haven't listened to very much of that one yet, but I've had it recommended to me from multiple people because I am a Watergate aficionado), and the Protagonist Podcast. 

3. I usually listen at night when I'm driving somewhere or while my husband is doing other things, or while I'm cleaning if one child is out at a playdate or something while the other is asleep. I pretty much listen to none of them while kids are around, because even when a podcast is squeaky clean, all of these are still produced for adults and since my kids are little, I kind of want to know what they are going to hear just in case there are topics I'm not expecting. Plus, I am usually interacting with the kids when they are there - I can't really pay attention to podcasts when I am busy answering a flood of why questions...

I also love a lot of live NPR shows that are available as podcasts, but I hear them live more often.



Dear Kvothe,

I literally just discovered this one four days ago but... MY DREAM GRAD PROGRAM (Securities Studies at Georgetown) HAS A PODCAST AND IT IS AMAZING! They talk about conflict termination, the history of American intelligence, cyber-terrorism, and so much more! 

The Soulful Ginger


Dear Am,

I really only listen to The Moth and Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!, and not that often. I have a child, and I usually listen while driving or doing housework.